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Electric Motor
Dc Motor
Ac Motor
Gear Motor
Induction Motor
Micro Motor

– Cangzhou JW Petroleum Machinery Co.Ltd
Downhole motor, Mud Motor, PDM Drilling device, positive displacement motor

Alina Wang

Dongying Gardener Oilfield Gear Co.Ltd.
whipstock, downhole motor, cable, oil electric submersible pump, motor for ESP, impeller diffuser, Reda cable

Cathy Yuan
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DeRun Energy Co.Ltd
Drilling motor, downhole motor, mud motor, drill pipe, drill collar

Dezhou Jingmei Petroleum Machinery Co.Ltd.

PDM drill, downhole motor
drill pipe, drill collar, downhole motor, drilling Jar


– Machtec (Tianjin) Petroleum Gear Co.Ltd
Strong zion oil and natural gas Management, Downhole Motors, Shaker display, MWD

Sam Sun
Shandong Dongyuan Petroleum Tools Co. Ltd

downhole motor, oil drill instruments

Machtec Tianjin Petroleum Tools Company
solid control, downhole motor, shaker screen

Wei yu

Tian He Oil Group
Downhole motor, Drilling jars, Fishing tools, Stabilizer


Claire Zhao
Tianhe Oil Group

downhole motor, drilling jars, drilling instruments, HWDP

Above a thousand

– NEAG Holding Oil Gear Co. Ltd.
API standard Downhole motors, Jars, Absorbers, Kelly, drill pipe, Drill collar, Stabilizer, Fishing instruments

ShengQing Petroleum Equipment Co.Ltd

pumping unit, downhole motor, bop, wellhead

Dongying Shengqing Petroleum Equipment Co.Ltd
downhole motor, pumping unit, sucker rod pump


Xi’an Shanglin Oilfield Gear Co. Ltd
Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Stabilizer, Roller Reamer, Downhole Motor, Drilling Jar, Gap Opener, Drilling Rig, Mud Pump, Sucker Rods, Derrick, Subs

Angela Oy

Tianjin Dehua Petroleum Tools Manufacturing CO.LTD
seamless tubing, seamless casing, drill pipe, downhole motor

501 – a thousand
coco Luo

Dongying Bosun Petroleum Machinery Co.Ltd
downhole motor, stabilizer, downhole drilling motor, drill bit

Vivian Gao
Machtec (Tianjin) Oil Equipment Co.Ltd.

shale shaker, shaker screen, centrifuge, downhole motor
wei ruan

Zoucheng Dongyuan Petroleum Equipment Co.Ltd
downhole motor, down gap motor, mud motor, by-pass valve, power section, motor, common shaft, cardan shaft, drive shaft

Sindy Li
Dongying Bosun Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd

Downhole motor

Zoucheng Dongyuan Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd.
Downhole Motor, Tungsten Carbide Bearing, by-Cross Valve Assembly, Drive Shaft Meeting, Universal Shaft Assembly, Energy Section Meeting

a hundred and one – 500

Michael Su
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