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Vaseline And Own Model Petroleum Jelly – Any Variations

Vaseline and personal brand petroleum jelly – any differences
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Patrice · 2 years ago
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I do not consider so, I feel that Vaseline is a hundred% petroleum jelly as nicely, but I’d have to verify.

If you’re interested, Vaseline does have an ingredient glossary: P…

Rachel · 8 years in the past
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Nope no distinction. And if you get a unique model you can get a lot nicer smelling onesss 🙂

I’ve a rose scented one and a vanilla one and a strawberry one and an aloe vera one
Yahhh I personal wayyyy too many lip balms, I’ve like 50 lying around the home

Cake · 8 years ago
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No distinction. They’re each simply petroleum jelly.

But why would you need to use anything in your pores and skin that is derived from petroleum
Louise H · 8 years ago
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I feel ‘Vaseline’ IS simply the trade name and it is petroleum jelly.
bede · 8 years in the past
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if it says 100% then no they are the same… some retailer brands will combine it with different merchandise nevertheless it is not going to say 100%

entrepreneuse · eight years zhongke petroleum equipment usa in the past
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· just now

Nothing. It is only the model identify.