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Apart from The Crude Slates

The prime driver for organising of an oil refinery is the demand provide hole of petroleum merchandise in a particular area. As soon as oil companies determine that there’s a requirement for a refining plant, they move to find out the kind of refinery they should construct in that geographical space. Their determination is drastically decided by the what is crude oil characterization sort of crude available in the world in question.

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Nevertheless, when there is no such thing as a nearby crude oil supply, the crude needs to be sourced from elsewhere (imports from other areas). When transportation is involved the refiners are confronted with the problem of ensuring most or affordable returns on their investments in refining operations. The general economics or viability of a refinery depends upon the what is crude oil characterization choice of crude oil used (crude slates), the refining complexity (refinery configuration) and the specified type and high quality of products produced (product slate).