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Mega Petroleum Inspection

Mega Petroleum Inspection Co Ltd was the purpose of being a complete service provider of Specialised Inspection to local and overseas Oil and Gas companies. Our range of providers contains full range Non-Destructive Testing (MPI,LPI,UT,EVI,VI,HT) Inspection, Oil Country Tubular Items (OCTG) Inspection & uses of natural gas resources Upkeep, Hardbanding,Load Testing, Lifting Gear & Lifting Gear Inspection We purpose to supply well timed and dependable services to the better of our talents always. Our present focus is to offer world-class, high quality NDT
Inspection Providers to cater to our clients’ wants and to assist protect our clients’ property
by means of correct upkeep and inspection.
Mega Petroleum Inspection Co Ltd has uses of natural gas resources two principal operations – Loyang Offshore Supply Base (Singapore) and in Yangon (Myanmar). This allows us to service our clients over a wider vary of places.