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APECO – Al-Bassam Petroleum Equipment Firm

Al-Bassam Petroleum Equipment Firm (APECO) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Al-Bassam Group with its headquarters in Dammam. Established within the year 1955, Al-Bassam is one the leading companies in Saudi Arabia and in the opposite Gulf States having a diversified vary of actions including Trading, Engineering & Contracting and is a registered provider of reliable very important merchandise to :

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)
Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)
Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)
Authorities & Semi-Government Group
Slukoil / Sinope
Cworley / Petrocon
Petrochemical Firms

Al-Bassam Petroleum Equipment Firm (APECO) ranks because the earliest among Al-Bassam Group of firms. Ever because it used natural gas vehicles for sale was established, it has been remarkably noticed as the basic unit for the activities used natural gas vehicles for sale that represent the aggregate dealings of Al-Bassam Group for almost 50 years of successful achievements.

The actions of APECO are mainly confined to the provision & Set up of tools to Oil & Gas Petroleum Production Equipment Business. A brief review of history of the company reveals that apart from the drilling & production tools, the used natural gas vehicles for sale company also gives gear in the field of Manufacturing, Refining & Transportation.