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I will Do My Best To Answer

I’ve worked in a refinery for almost 3 years now, and within us crude oil consumption eia the Oil & Gasoline industry for five. I’m not even near figuring out every little thing there’s to learn about operating a refinery not to mention building one. I am going to do my greatest to answer.

A very good query but in absence of more details, I’m going to make certain assumptions-

    Permits and Approvals: Oil refining requires loads of sources. Relying on your configuration, it’s essential safe land, anyplace between 50-200 MW of electricity, steam, water and different us crude oil consumption eia utilities. At the same time, additionally, you will want to hunt regulatory physique approvals depending on the jurisdiction. This varies wildly depending on which country, which firm and different components. I’m assuming you (the new refinery magnate) has already sorted them out.
    Configuration: Relying in your demand and us crude oil consumption eia provide balances (which in turn depends upon the geographic location of your refinery), you’ll have to decide on which refinery configuration works finest for you. Oil refining has long moved on from simple crude distillation and now could be an incredibly built-in complex comprising several upgrading & treating units.
    Feedstock Provide: It could make little sense to build a refinery and not know what you will be feeding it. Sometimes refineries are designed around a basket of “design-crudes”, crude oil grades which might be in abundant supply and can be reliably sourced within the medium term horizon whereas you are still recovering your investment. I am assuming you’ve got this locked.
    Others: In no way exhaustive, you have to sort out your company entity, license to function, investment financing and many others before you even think about breaking ground.

Taking this into consideration, building a fancy, hydrocracking, hyrdroskimming, catalytic cracking refinery, can cost anywhere between 5-15 billion USD. The throughput (processing capability) of this refinery ought to be between 250-500,000 barrels per day. Oil refining is a difficult business and margins are painfully slim. Economies of scale are critical to sustaining a viable enterprise.

Now coming to the query of time. You’d be sensible if you’ll be able to start to run your refinery on some primary infrastructure as rest of the units begin to come back online. Duration from breaking floor to attaining full complexity & throughput can range between 3-8 years relying on the scope of the project. Some refineries (Shell’s Pulau Bukom Refinery in Singapore as an example) may even require reclaiming land from the sea earlier than any development can start.

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