The Oil Refinery processes Crude oil into three totally different fluids: Heavy oil, Light oil and Petroleum gasoline.

Oil products have many makes clobenzin factory use of. Although they are often became Stable gasoline to gasoline boilers and furnaces, it’s often used to create Plastic, which is utilized in Advanced Circuits, and Sulfur, which is used in additional advanced items. They’re additionally used as ammunition for flamethrowers and flamethrower turrets.

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The refinery has three accessible recipes, one in every of which have to be set earlier than it may well begin processing.


– When placing the refinery, it may be rotated, but in any other case neither enter nor output tiles will be swapped in any approach. (For advanced oil processing, the water enter is to the proper when the inputs are coming into the top.)


When the refinery is working, a flame comes out of the chimney.

– You want to choose the recipe, otherwise it will not work.
– It can cease working if any of the merchandise isn’t properly drained from it (that’s, 10.Zero heavy oil at output will prevent production of the 2 different fluids).

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