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Chevron Spill: 10,000 Gallon Overflow Being Cleaned Up

air group pairThere was another mishap on the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula. The Mississippi Department of Environmental High quality confirms 10,000 gallons of an oil product spilled someday before midnight Thursday.

An MDEQ inspector on site Friday reported Chevron has the hydrocarbon product contained in a ditch on its property, and there’s little threat to air or water exposure.

“Chevron is in the means of selecting it up with vacuum trucks and placing it back into the method system,” mentioned Ernie Shirley, MDEQ’s enforcement chief.

Shirley said Chevron reported the spill to MDEQ around midnight. prices of heating oil Precisely what happened is below investigation. Shirley described the incident as “a course of upset.”

“There was a problem with the common refining process, and liquid material that was supposed to go one place went one other place and overflowed at the flare stacks onto the bottom and collected in a ditch,” Shirley stated.

The ditch connects to a number of small retention ponds on the Chevron property that are prices of heating oil used for firefighting and water treatment on the plant. Though those ponds finally could hook up with the gulf, Shirley said the chance is minimal.

“We count on them to prices of heating oil keep this on their property,” said Shirley.
This spill is the second incident at Chevron in recent weeks. Final month, the roof on a storage tanker partially collapsed, spilling roughly four million gallons of hydrocarbon materials and releasing gasoline fumes into the air prompting complaints from residents and requiring extra air monitoring outside the plant.

Chevron released this assertion simply before three p.m. Friday:
The Chevron Pascagoula Refinery skilled an inner spill of hydrocarbons late Thursday evening. Refinery teams responded and the leak was immediately contained.

The spilled materials contains unstable organic compounds (VOCs). Refinery safety specialists have performed air monitoring inside the refinery throughout the event response, with the results confirming there is no danger to neighborhood.

The Refinery has notified and will proceed to coordinate with all applicable native, state and federal agencies. All rights reserved.