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Oil Refinery Series

Mainly every thing one must set up an oil refinery! Please notice while concrete bases are shown in some pictures they are not included within the construction’s base value. Please ask for a quote on a base if desired.

Floating Prime Storage Tank

air separation oxygen

A brand new addition to Mannequin Constructions Oil Refinery sequence this tank measures six inches in diameter and 6 inches in peak. These tanks are used to retailer finished product. Concrete base just isn’t included.

– Value: $159.09
Gas Pump

Fuel Pumps may be added to the O Scale Maintenance Platform so as to add some motion to the railroad trackside structure!

– Price: $19.Seventy three
Heat Exchanger / Reflux Drum / Filter Financial institution

Heat Exchangers or Condensers along side Accumulators (Reflux Drums) are usually found related to the top product piping of distillation (fractionating) towers. Filters are used for remaining product.

– Worth: $184.54
Hopper Car / Tank Automobile Inspection Rack

This rack might be utilized in a yard scene or an industrial area wherever hopper vehicles or tank cars should be inspected, It has a swing down platform which could be raised out of the way to maneuver automobiles along the track. It stands at about 7 1/2 inches.

– Price: $68.Ninety nine
4-Unit Tank Storage Facility w/ Pump House

The tank farm consists of four tanks with a diameter of 4 inches and a top of 7 inches. Whole footprint thirteen x 18 inches.

– Price: $249.35
4-Unit Tank Storage Facility w/ Pump House – Ver 2

A variation of the 4-unit tank farm through which an extended platform construction has been added.
– Price: $269.35

Excessive Stress Spherical Tanks
Spherical Storage Tanks are primarily used to home petroleum / chemical products saved underneath stress akin to Benzene, Ammonia, Liquid Propane, Liquid Oxygen or Nitrogen. Shown above is the O Scale double tank choice. Concrete base isn’t included.

– Value: $271.20
three-Unit Storage Tank Facility

TThe 3-Unit Storage Tank Facility consists of two tanks with a diameter of 4 inches and a height of 7 1/2 inches and one narrower tank with a diameter of two inches and a top of 9 inches.

– Value: $141.Fifty three
three-Unit Storage Tank Facility with Pump Shed

The three-Unit Storage Tank Facility with Pump shed is a modified model of the 3-Unit Storage Tank Facility.

– Price: $214.18
four-Unit Tank Farm

A 4 unit tank farm with three 2 1/2 inch diameter horizontal tanks roughly 6 inches lengthy and one 3 inch diameter upright tank roughly 6 1/2 inches high. Footprint approx. Sixteen x 8.

– Worth: $213.50
3-Unit Tank Farm

The latest addition to Mannequin Buildings for Mannequin Railroads Oil Refinery Series is a large complex that incorporates three giant 3-inch diameter tanks six inches lengthy on a superstructure with lower and upper decking.

– Value: $390.Forty one
Twin Vertical Storage Tanks

These tanks can be utilized in a tank farm as storage for fuel/oil or an additive for mixing. They can also be used in an oil/ethanol refinery site as slurry or distillation tanks.

– Worth: $75.98
Industrial Storage Tank

One of those storage tanks would look great both observe aspect or in an industrial yard. Each tank is offered phd in petroleum engineering separately. Footprint approx. Three” dia.

– phd in petroleum engineering Value: $27.21
Single Stage Desalting Tank

Mannequin Structures Desalting tank is 7 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter. This unit has been redesigned to incorporate rather more detail. There is a platform, stairs, railing and a transformer.

– Worth: $179.02
Two Stage Desalting Tank

Mannequin Structures Two Stage Desalting tank unit.
– Worth: $280.07

Crude Oil Furnace
The furnace stands about 18 inches tall and has an approximate 5 x 5 inch footprint. There are two smaller pipes beneath the structure for supply of air and fuel for heating. Concrete base shouldn’t be included.

– Value: $131.47
Crude Oil Furnace Kettle

The spherical furnace stands about 19 inches tall and has an approximate 5 x 5 inch footprint. Concrete base is just not included.

– Price: $138.59
Atmospheric Distillation Tower – Giant

– Price: $197.Sixty one
Atmospheric Distillation Tower – Medium

– Worth: $184.62
Atmospheric Distillation Tower – Small

– Worth: $117.71
Vacuum Distillation Tower

Four totally different distillation tower designs are available in our Oil Refinery product line. One is modeled as a Vacuum Distillation tower and the other three as Atmospheric Towers.

– Price: $181.29

Reboilers are heat exchangers sometimes used to supply heat to the bottom of industrial distillation columns.

– Worth: $68.46
Alkylation Unit

In an oil refinery complex the Alkylation unit produces high-octane part for gasoline mixing. Concrete base just isn’t included.

– Value: $206.16
Catalytic-Cracking Unit

The Fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCC) designed by Model Buildings for Model RR’s is a 2-stage Hydro-cracker that uses two reactors. Overall footprint for the construction is approximately 10 x 7 x 15(h) inches. Concrete base shouldn’t be included.

– Worth: $226.Sixty three
Hydro-Cracking Reactor

The HydroCracking reactor (purple unit in picture) designed by Mannequin Structures for Mannequin RR’s is three inches in diameter and approx. 12 inches high.

– Worth: $188.12
Flare Tower with Fan Housing

The Flare tower is designed with an enclosed fan housing structure attached to it. There’s a ladder allowing access to the top of the boiler then partially up the smoke stack. General foot print is 2 x 6 x 16(H) inches. Concrete base just isn’t included.

– Value: $72.57
Pipe Transfer Line

The Pipe Switch Line has two levels of piping (4 rows of pipes on the top level and three rows of pipes on the decrease level). All pipe rows are controlled with gate valves. The piping complex footprint is roughly 10 x 9 x 7(H) inches.

– Worth: $204.25
Elevated Storage Tank

Elevated Storage Tank – Select from two sizes and three colours. Footprint approx. Three” dia smaller tank / 4″ dia larger tank. Concrete base is just not included.

– Price: $58.60
Tanker Car Fuel Loading Platform

The gas loading platform is designed as a move through structure. It measures roughly 26 x eight x7(h). The platform is a bi-level structure with upkeep level about 2 1/2 inches excessive.

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