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Offshore Marine |

Kirby Offshore Marine is the largest United States operator of coastal tank barges and towing vessels taking part within the regional distribution of refined petroleum merchandise, black oil and crude oil, as properly because the distribution of petrochemicals between Petroleum Administration and Protection Districts.

Patent-oriented sieve trayKirby Offshore Marine positioned orders in 2014 and 2015 for the construction of 4 new, state-of-the-artwork, coastal articulated tank barge and tugboat units (ATBs). The launching of the primary ATB, the Kirby 185-01, built by Gunderson Shipyard in Portland, OR, could be considered here. The Kirby 185-01 was positioned in service in late 2015. The second new ATB, the Kirby 185-02, was positioned in service in June 2016. The Kirby 155-01 was placed in service in November 2016 and the Kirby 155-02 was delivered within the 2017 third quarter.

Atlantic Division
The Atlantic Division’s main business petroleum supply is the transportation of petroleum products between ports along the japanese seaboard of the United States. Vessels assigned to this division call on every coastal state from New England to the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, servicing refineries, storage terminals and energy plants. The Atlantic Division also operates gear within the Caribbean and the Japanese Canadian provinces. The tank barges in the Atlantic Division are among Kirby’s largest, ranging in capacity from 10,000 barrels to 194,000 barrels and coastal tugboats from 1800 to 10000 horsepower. The vast petroleum supply majority of the Atlantic Division’s vessels are Articulated Tug/Barge items (ATBs). These models employ giant hydraulic or pneumatically-operated petroleum supply pins to connect the tugboat and barge, enabling the tugboat to push, rather than pull the barge at sea. ATBs can operate safely and efficiently in a wider range of sea circumstances than typical tugboat and barge units, leading to quicker transit instances, better gasoline economic system and fewer working delays.

The Atlantic Division also overseas the operations of two offshore tugboat and barge units that move sugar from Florida to numerous places along the Eastern Seaboard.

Atlantic Division – New York Harbor
The brand new York Harbor operations in the Atlantic Division encompass tank barges ranging in capacity from 1,800 barrels to eighty one,000 barrels, and tugboats from four hundred to 3400 horsepower. The operations in New York Harbor service a wide variety of customers in both the refined and residual petroleum trades. Lots of the barges in the new York fleet are engaged within the delivery of bunker gasoline to ships. New York Harbor vessels also transport gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, ethanol and different refined products for native and regional customers. In the residual fuel sector, power producing customers depend on New York Harbor vessels for floating storage and transportation of heavy fuel oil to native energy plants.

Pacific Division
The Pacific Division fleet consists of tank barges ranging in capacity from 26,000 barrels to 194,000 barrels, and tugboats from 2000 to 11000 horsepower. Pacific Division vessels trade from San Diego, CA to Barrow, AK. naphtha With intensive expertise and a broad support community in Alaska, Kirby Offshore Marine’s Pacific Division is uniquely certified to operate in distant areas together with Dutch Harbor, Cook Inlet and the Alaska river methods.

The Hawaii operations are additionally part of the Pacific Division. Kirby Offshore Marine operates a fleet of several double-hulled tank barges in Hawaii under charter to utilities, native petroleum retailers and major oil firms, distributing heavy gas oil and refined products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. These barges and their accompanying tugboats type a vital provide link to energy producing plants and storage and distribution terminals all through the Hawaiian Islands that cannot be changed by other modes of transportation. The Hawaii Division tank barge fleet additionally provides bunkering service in Honolulu harbor and surrounding anchorages, and supplies transportation services to remote island locations within the central Pacific. Several vessels in the Hawaii provide contracted help companies to a Single Level Mooring set up at Barbers Point, Oahu. This facility supplies the means for giant tankers to safely load and discharge their cargoes by an offshore buoy and submerged pipeline without getting into a port.