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Congress might lift the ban on domestic oil exports, which comes at a time of heightened concern over letting Muslim oil into the country. A petition has compelled the British Parliament to schedule a debate on whether or not to prohibit Donald Trump from the nation, which is a shame as a result of Trump could be so enjoyable to observe at Prime Minister’s Questions. And a pair of conservative Republicans is attempting to revoke John Boehner’s submit-speakership perks, though Boehner might be damned if anyone takes away his John Deere D110 19-HP Hydrostatic Riding Lawn Mower emblazoned with the petroleum refining technology and economics congressional seal. That is HUFFPOST HILL for Wednesday, December ninth, 2015:

Staffers planning on internet hosting ironic sweater events can breathe straightforward: @jakesherman: Home IS OUT THIS WEEKEND. Breathe a sigh of relief, Capitol Hill. Brief-term CR Friday. Spending/tax fight resumes Mon. Identical place.

@BrendanBuck: We really simply wished to free everyone up to go to the Bonjeans’.
Invoice Child Bill – Coke-a-Cola would possibly soon be eclipsed as America’s most generally exported liquid. Laura Barron Lopez: “Because it stands, Congress is closing in on a large year-finish deal with the crude oil export ban at its heart. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) mentioned Wednesday morning there are three packages being mentioned now. ‘You might have omnibus, extenders and this entire query of whether or not or not you’d elevate the oil export ban,’ he stated…Republicans are desperate to carry the embargo. In hasty negotiations over a big omnibus spending bill and robust tax extenders package deal — meant to completely renew tax breaks marriage ceremony GOP enterprise priorities with Democrats’ priorities for working families — crude oil exports might hitch a experience if Democrats could be convinced…It would flood the world market with American oil — a big win for the trade — and certain trigger the nation to lose some ground in its quest to become power impartial. Oil prices are anticipated to rise, in all probability along with those fickle fuel prices, but the latest squeeze on production felt all the best way down to the worker in the oil subject would scale back” [HuffPost]

WHY Will not THESE CONGRESSIONAL BROS Depart JOHN BOEHNER ALONE – Matt Fuller: “Like the smoke stains in his old office, former Speaker John Boehner is not actually going wherever — not less than not as far as the taxpayer is anxious. Beneath congressional rules, the former speaker is allowed to maintain a Capitol Hill workplace at taxpayer expense for five years, full with franking privileges, a price range for office furnishings and three staffers making six-figure salaries. ‘I guess they’re going to pay for his bathroom tissue too,’ mentioned Rep. Walter Jones Jr. (R-N.C.), who’s introducing a invoice with Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) to deauthorize the so-referred to as put up-speaker office. Jones and Massie held a sparsely attended press conference Wednesday morning — The Huffington Put up was the one outlet present — to name for an end to the publish-speakership perk. And while the apparently ongoing conservative crusade against Boehner wasn’t sufficient to motivate the remainder of the congressional press corps to brave a 9 a.m. outside information convention in December, Jones and Massie had enjoyable at an occasion the place members of Congress outnumbered the press. ‘That is already higher attended than most of my Capitol Hill fundraisers,’ Massie quipped.” [HuffPost]

@MEPFuller: A primary: A press conference that is an exclusive. (I am the just one right here.)
@MelMcIntire: Sen. McCaskill now referring to Martin Shkreli as “Mr. Wu Tang” in Senate Aging Comm. hearing on drug prices

DELANEY DOWNER – Almost half of America’s forty three million renters spend more than 30 % of their incomes on rent, in keeping with the newest report from Harvard’s Joint Middle for Housing Research. “Whereas the supply of rental housing has increased, primarily via conversion of formerly owner-occupied models and, to a lesser extent, new building, rental demand has increased even quicker,” the report says. “Rising demand has put upward pressure on rents and diminished vacancies; in the meantime, new additions to the rental market have primarily added units with above-median rents.” The rent is simply too damn high — and but at this time Jimmy McMillan introduced his retirement. [JCHS]

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Glad humpday: Here’s Donald Trump being attacked by a bald eagle
GOP: THAT TRUMP PROPOSAL THAT HAS SOME Advantage IS Terrible – The GOP is now comprised nearly entirely of that person in your Fb Petroleum Refinery Equipment feed. Eliza Collins: “From established party figures resembling Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum to extra hard-core right-wing personalities reminiscent of Ann Coulter, numerous Republicans are either stopping in need of condemning Trump’s audacious proposal or are outright applauding the billionaire businessman as finally providing a typical-sense answer to terrorism threats…Newt Gingrich, a former speaker of the Home who ran for president in 2012, criticized Trump’s tone in his proposal — however that was about it.’I believe Trump’s idea may be too sturdy, but I believe one thing jarring may be very useful in leading to a nationwide debate in how large this problem is, and the way harmful it is,’ Gingrich said…” [Politico]

ANTONIN SCALIA, THE DRUNK UNCLE MEME OF JURISPRUDENCE – Tal Kopan: “Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia raised eyebrows on Wednesday with a remark he made in the course of the court’s hearing of an affirmative action case, through which he seemed to suggest some African-Americans belong in lesser colleges. Scalia was questioning the legal professional for the University of Texas, which is defending its use of race as a consider admissions in the case before the court docket. ‘There are those who contend that it doesn’t benefit African-People to get them into the University of Texas where they don’t do properly, versus having them go to a less-advanced school, a much less — a slower-track school where they do nicely,’ Scalia said, in keeping with the transcript. ‘One of the briefs pointed out that many of the black scientists in this country don’t come from schools just like the College of Texas.'” [CNN]

SLATE PITCH: petroleum refining technology and economics DONALD TRUMP Improving Worldwide RELATIONS – Andrew Kirell: “Because of Donald Trump, we might now have the first settlement between Israel and Hamas since their quick-lived August 2014 ceasefire. Late Wednesday night, after it was announced that Trump will visit Israel before the end of 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement distancing himself from the firebrand Republican’s plan for ‘full and total shutdown’ of Muslims coming into the United States…That same evening, proper-wing information site Breitbart.com spoke to Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan, who similarly condemned Trump: ‘We do not estimate that the current U.S. administration, any administration, will implement these racist ideas. This can be a pathetic attempt to attribute terror completely to Muslims.'” [Each day Beast]

Times throwing some shade at Cruz: “As his crowd sizes swell in Iowa and he battles with Donald J. Trump to lock down the party’s more conservative voters, Mr. Cruz — appraised as grating and pompous as a matter of bipartisan consensus — is working diligently at the straightforward activity of establishing human connections. It is a bigger raise than it may appear. Mr. Cruz seems keenly aware of his charm deficit, acknowledging in private that his retail campaigning skills can lag behind his grasp of coverage. At a debate in October, he turned perhaps the first candidate in trendy history to declare himself unappealing bar firm.” [NYT’s Matt Flegenheimer]

GET YER OBAMACARE – Two grand is nothing when compared against your life. And we do not simply imply as a result of you will not get sick. Obama’s health squads will come and kill you if you do not sign up, but not before they nab your kids and ship them to Sharia indoctrination camps. Jeff Young: “It is the least in style side of Obamacare, and it would develop into much more disliked when the penalties increase. In 2016, those who do not have health protection and do not qualify for one in all the many exemptions from the mandate will owe the IRS anywhere from $695 to more than $2,000 — a giant soar up from the minimum penalty of $ninety five in 2014 and $325 this yr. For increased-revenue families, the quantity might be even bigger. The aim of the individual mandate is to offer a disincentive for folks to keep away from cover if they can afford it. The requirement typically is referred to because the legislation’s ‘stick,’ the counterpart to the ‘carrot’ of the subsidies obtainable on the health insurance exchanges to make policies more inexpensive for low- and center-revenue households. The Congressional Finances Office and different analysts predicted that the penalty rise would drive extra individuals to enroll in medical health insurance.” [HuffPost]

As a result of You have Read THIS FAR – Here’s a puppy studying to scratch.
People Increasingly Need MUSLIMS OFF THEIR LAWNS – Unclear how much the poll was affected by individuals accidentally shooting themselves with their very own guns. Ariel Edwards-Levy: “Anti-Islamic sentiments are widespread in the U.S. however haven’t strengthened substantially this 12 months, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey reveals…Simply 17 percent of Individuals hold a positive view of Islam, in line with the poll, which was additionally performed after the San Bernardino taking pictures however prior to Trump’s comments. Fifty-eight p.c have an unfavorable view of the religion, while 25 p.c are not sure.