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The distillation process to acquire important oil produces various by-products. Sometimes, the essential oil turns into a secondary product because of the sheer quantity of by-product produced. For instance, the distillation of rose yields 80% of rose petroleum refinery wikipedia deutschland water but only 20% of concentrated essential oil.

In one of the mountain districts in the town of Kazanlik, Bulgaria, the roses are hand-picked petroleum refinery wikipedia deutschland by farmers within the morning before sunrise (between 5am to 7am), as that is the period that the flowers bloom and the oil content material is at its highest.

It is all the time finest to harvest the rose petals whereas the dew continues to be on them, earlier than the heat of the day causes the precipitation to evaporate into the atmosphere. Roses are positioned into sacks and careful remedy is given to these harvests, so as not to bruise the delicate rose petals. As soon as arrived on the distillery, petroleum refinery wikipedia deutschland the sacks of rose petals are unloaded from the trailer and left on the cool concrete flooring for slight fermentation earlier than the distillation course of, to provide floral waters (also known as ‘hydrolats’ or hydrosol).