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Tackling Endeavour To New Glory

Shandong Jin Cheng Petrochemical King Financial Group Chairman Zhou

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– To visit the Jincheng Petrochemical King Financial Group Chairman Zhou

Editor’s Observe: Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical Corporation Huantai County in Shandong Province, based in April 1992, based on petrochemical-primarily based enterprise group, which employs 1,200 individuals, 2 billion yuan of complete property. Over the previous decade, the group group of individuals to hold ahead the “hard Enterprise , United struggle, the pursuit of effectivity, courage and dedication, “the entrepreneurial spirit, out of a scratch, from weak to strong, self-accumulation, the steady development of his personal.

In the petrochemical trade, the “Massive Three” sturdy mild cowl many business brilliance. However actually there are so various petrochemical corporations in the rapidly rising. Jincheng Petrochemical Corporation is a traditional. In 2006, China Petroleum and Chemical hundred Business Summit being held, the creator of the Shandong Jincheng Zhou Jing, chairman of Sinopec Group conducted a short interview with Choi.

Creator: abnormal folks might solely know within the oil, Sinopec But I have no idea Jincheng, Jincheng, what place

Zhou Jing Finance: Group petrochemical-based industry, the primary product petroleum refinery engineering nelson pdf korean of ninety three #, ninety # automotive unleaded gasoline, Diesel fuel , LPG , Coke, naphtha, gentle oil, gentle gasoline oil and propylene. “Only by grasping the opportunity to be in the fierce market Competition In the initiative, which is our Jincheng Petrochemical Management Team has at all times adhered to a precept for many years. “

Creator: Jin Cheng is a step-by-step tips on how to enlarge and strengthen it
Zhou Jing Choi: from the beginning with the 1998. That yr six months we Funding Building of a catalytic cracking unit, and achieved good economic advantages. Since then, Jincheng Petrochemical carefully the market, and seize the chance to be taking a giant step the tempo of development.

2001, we residue in accordance with nationwide industrial policy and the truth of the market, invest in a delayed coking, and full diesel hydrotreating unit, at the moment, coking unit less considerable and low cost raw materials, enterprise in only a 12 months to recover the funding, thus laying the idea for growth in a single fell swoop. In 2004, enterprises CGO building as the raw materials and 80 tons of heavy oil catalytic hydrogenation of the joint system, whereas supporting the construction of re-gasoline separation plant. Business has expanded quickly, the strength has been additional enhanced.

For another round of growth in recent times, the peak, the company leveraged have a big construction challenge, we rigorously analysis and put ahead a “robust and large” slogan, it’s necessary to “stronger” and also to be “bigger”, the premise of guaranteeing the financial expansion of the dimensions and keep Health Asset structure, the enterprise of stable, sustainable and speedy progress.

2005 11 months, according to lengthy-term improvement Jincheng Petrochemical Planning Complete funding of 300 million yuan, Jin Cheng petrochemical relations strategic adjustment to stabilize the primary foundation of the a hundred and fifty tonnes of heavy oil processing plant went into operation, the second step to the chemical direction, take the operating traits of “oil-primarily based integrated oil head of tail “of the highway lay a superb foundation.

Writer: Market financial system Many enterprises under the situations of the veterans will likely be well timed follow-up, resembling trendy Business administration System. Jincheng what management tips you

Zhou Jing Choi: As a young oil company, in the exterior setting, we cannot massive compared to petroleum and petrochemical businesses, we have solely been able to realize quicker growth and better financial efficiency, the secret’s that we within the administration and development on the idea of their actual adherence to low-value operation, traits, operations.

The standard of a project lies in its payback period, we Jincheng Petrochemical construction tasks is at all times very cautious, however once decided, immediately, go all out to seize market opportunities in a well timed method to make sure the constructing of a profitable one. For example in 2001, in line with Residue market conditions we saw a great coking unit cost, in step with national industrial coverage. Mission decision, we go all out, in February began in October on the realization of the coking and transport diesel hydrogenation system, the device runs lower than a 12 months to recover the investment. After 2003, due to construction of the nation have coking unit, resulting in coking gasoline oil value plummeted in 2004, we in flip its consideration to the coker gas oil, corporations determined to build 800,000 tons of coking gas oil and heavy oil catalytic hydrogenation of the joint system, whereas supporting restructuring and gasoline points. To seize this good alternative, we have now adopted a mature and reliable technologies and processes, the strength of support for dumping the whole firm tasks, the development course of to overcome the difficulties. That is how we frequently update the technology, and keep us forward, so as to widen the gap edge.

Creator: Kim Chen what plans the subsequent step
Zhou Jing Choi: 2005 Pension Cheng obtain Sell Earnings of practically 40 billion yuan, profits of 340 million yuan, enterprise established thirteen years in the past, revenue and tax targets greater than 70% average annual rate of rapid progress. Whereas maintaining a fairly fast speed of growth, however the scale and is efficient whatever the country remains to be a “nobodies.” Face a brand new round of development of home boom and business trends, we’re rising the strain of competitors, present, our most important activity is to comprehensively improve the level of inner administration, grasp new initiatives to ensure completion of tasks in response to plan production, improve manufacturing efficiency. We can be in operation characteristics of the street, in the cracks develop, develop within the exploration, the comprehensive utilization of power manufacturing facilities for the infrastructure, cut back prices, improve efficiency, enhance our strength. I want to remark

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