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At Speedstar, we believe in the equitable creation of wealth to all our stakeholders: employees, traders, and shareholders. This wealth is created via progressive and immediate delivery of high quality companies to our yearning clients.

Tank liquid distributorAt Transportation degree, we provide protected, secured neat and transport companies at inexpensive rates. Under this category, we now have the beneath-listed services.

Speedstar Intra: To provide neat and secure intra-metropolis transport contained in the Lagos metropolis.
Speedstar Inter: To offer snug transport providers within Lagos and the Southwestern a part of the country.

Speedstar Duluxe: To produce air conditioned buses for rent by individuals and organizations, for tours, retreat, weddings and different useful engagements.

At speedstar Haulages we provide services on the planet of petroleum product haulage (PMS, Ago, DPK and LFPO) inside the southwestern axis of the nation.

We serve the marine trade by offering cargo transport services at the port to bonded terminals and areas throughout the southwestern a part of the nation.

We equally serve, the commodities market by offering inexpensive and secured haulage companies for motion and supply of commodities like cement, rice flour and so on.

SPEEDSTAR FLEET Management Providers
Our fleet administration companies involve administration of trucks placed beneath our management for a price. Beneath this scheme, individuals who want to take a place within the haulage business however do not need the time to supervise, the enterprise, acquires the truck underneath their title and supplies it to us to handle at agreed percentage monthly of revenue generated.

Haulage means transporting of products (products) from one place to a different. This distance (mileage) between the places of origin to the ultimate destination is what the haulage enterprise cost for. The Haulage business is therefore, merely the business of constructing items out there when and where they’re wanted.

Haulage begins from the purpose of extraction or loading to the aim of supply of the products (merchandise) for the satisfaction of the final customers.

Goods which might be usually carried include:
(a) Petroleum merchandise comparable to Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Dual Objective Kerosene (DPK), Automotive Gasoline Oil (Ago), Low Pour Gas Oil (LPFO) and other Petrochemicals.
(b) Building supplies corresponding to sand, clay, granite, cement, iron rods and so on.

Haulage distance charged could be throughout the state of operation e.g. Lagos and is named (Local) or exterior the state referred to as (Interstate) or within a geographical area e.g. Southwest, South south and so forth.

THE Financial Importance OF HAULAGE
Haulage involves the movement of merchandise by both rail and highway, but for the reason that collapse of rail system in Nigeria, highway haulage has taken the lead. The nation has sufficient population and a very good community of roads linking the 36 states and Abuja, though not in wonderful condition.

The transport sector is an important part of the financial system impacting on the event and the welfare of the large population of about 140 million. When transport techniques are environment friendly, they provide economic and social opportunities and benefits that lead to constructive multipliers effects corresponding to better accessibility to markets and extra investments. Transport additionally carries an necessary social and environmental load, which can’t be neglected.

Haulage has the next importance within the society.
(i) Transferring of material from the pure stage.

(ii) Conveying raw supplies to the manufacturing unit and helping the producers to convey their goods to wholesaler (distributors).

(iii) Helping the producers to chop again the content material of the warehouse. An efficient transport system providing value, time and reliability benefits permits goods to be transported over longer distances. This facilitates mass production by means of economies of scale because larger markets can be accessed. Thus, the more environment friendly transportation becomes, the larger the markets that may be serviced and the bigger the dimensions of production.

(iv) Serving to the wholesalers (distributors) to get their purchased goods to their shops. Enchancment in the efficiency with which corporations have access to raw materials and elements along with to their respective prospects. Thus, transportation expands alternatives to acquires and sell numerous commodities necessary for particular person and manufacturing programs.

(v) Elevated competitors. When transport is efficient, the potential market for a given product (or service) enhance, and so does competitors. A wider array of products and companies turns into accessible to consumers through competition which tends to chop back costs and promote quality and innovation.

(vi) Improve land value: Land which is adjoining or serviced by good transport companies usually has larger worth because of utility it confers to many actions.

(vii) Haulage additionally contributes to financial improvement by means of job creation and its derived economic activities. Accordingly a lot of direct (freighters, managers, shippers) and oblique (insurance coverage, finance, packaging, dealing with travel businesses, transit operators) employment are related to transport.

Producers and consumers take financial selections in merchandise markets, cost, location costs that are primarily based on transport providers, their availability costs and capacity.

(viii) In conclusion, haulage makes goods and companies accessible where and when they are wanted. It provides market accessibility by linking producers and consumers.

Varieties of HAULAGE Enterprise & Vehicle/Equipment Involved
This means the completely different sections of haulage business one can enterprise into depending on one functionality and other elements. The sort of vehicles or gear utilized in haulage enterprise differs on the sort and nature of haulage.

This involves the utilization of heavy gear to break mass deposit quarry into smaller granite sizes. In a quarry site which has been acquired by a quarry firm with license from the federal authorities to interrupt and sell to the general public. These tools, most often are been rented from leasing company and a certain amount is paid at the top of the month as per contract settlement between the two parties. The quarry breaker is the tools used. It is expensive; hence it is normally purchased by leasing firms or banks and rent out to quarry companies.

This is the usage of tippers of assorted sizes to transport granites from quarry site or sand from the leave or sea to be utilized in building industries/websites. Tipping trucks or dumping trucks are used to convey granite or sand. They’re often in 20 or 30 tons capability. Pay loader is capital intensive and because of this many investors ignore it, however it is a cash spinning investment.

These are gear use in lifting and transporting of heavy obligation tools like building gear, poles, transformers, generators and so on. the craning truck has dual objective, it’s use to load and transport cargo.

It’s transporting of petroleum products reminiscent of kerosene, diesel, petrol, and different petroleum merchandise from depots to their required locations to fulfill the final shoppers. You is likely to be bond to make fortune on this part of haulage business as a result of Nigeria is an oil producing country, so there’ll at all times be job for you.

There are numerous capacities and sizes of tankers with capacities ranging between 5,000 20,000 litres are used to transport principally diesel and kerosene. The bigger capacity tanks 30,000 forty six,000 capacity, nonetheless, will be utilized to carry any of the petroleum merchandise.

This is the commonest sort of haulage business. And it entails the use of varied sizes of truck to convey items, containers, cargo and so forth from one place to petroleum products prices in nigeria news the alternative until it will get to the final word customers destinations.
Different tonnage of trucks is used for various purposes.

The marketplace for haulage is vast; therefore demand for the services is all the time per seconds. Because of the high fee of importation the demand for the dispatch of containers packing containers is excessive. Also with the current form or our refineries that rely closely on the importation of petroleum products the demand for petroleum products haulage is high. Hence our proposal is based on TANKERING & TRUCKING.

Trucks for container haulage could be brief framed. Trucks for 20 ft containers or ling framed trucks for the 40 feet containers. The associated fee varies between N3m N12m depending on the size and age of trucks.

The customers of truck services are: firms, individuals, businesses amongst others.
You’ll require the next for container haulage:
(i) Tractor: Which is the head, the truck itself
(ii) Physique of the truck: The flat mattress where the container bins will sit on
(iii) Fourteen tires

THE Revenue
The Return On Funding (ROI) is excessive because the patronage is always there. The haulage is a 6 days every week, 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year.

The speed of revenue can be primarily based on the turn round time of the truck. Because of the constraints similar to traffic congestion on the highway, mechanical faults, and so on one may expertise somewhat bit hiccup. But, with correct administration, the haulage service is a excessive yielding investment enterprise.

Analysis OF Income
The port management servcies expects a trucker to go a minimal of two journeys of dispatching containers to allocated bonded terminals exterior the ports.

Per journey, the truck is paid between N15,000 N16,000
Running value per trip is around N6,500
Projected profit per journey N9,500

N9,500 per journey x 2 journeys per day N19,000 per day
N19,000 x 6 days N114,000 Per week
N114,000 x 4 weeks N456,000 per 30 days

That is monthly income inside Lagos.
For trucks plying throughout the southwestern zone
Add 50% of the monthly income

i.e. N456,000 = N228,000
Month-to-month return = N456,000 + N228,000 = N684,000

Subsequently month-to-month earnings for trucks plying the
southwestern axis shall be N684,000
annual income = N684,000 x 12 = N8,208,000
Much less 30%
Depreciation/Maintenance = N2,462,400

Annual Net Earnings N5,745,600
TANKER Evaluation

For trips wthin Lagos, a medium dimension tanker charges between
N30,000 N45,000
Let’s assume N35,000 per trip
For a median journey an expense of N6,500
Internet revenue per journey N28,500
A imply of 20 trips monthly N28,800 x 20

Annual revenue N570,000 x 12 = N6,840,000
Less 30 %
Depreciation/ Upkeep = N2,052,000
Net Annual Revenue = N4,788,000

Problems Related to HAULAGE Business
Just like all excessive yeilding business, haulage has it’s personal problems too. Quite a few the challenges facing this enterprise alternative are:

(i) The Drivers: That is a significant problem with this nice enterprise
(ii) Your manager
(iii) The stae of your truck
(iv) The Mechanic dealing with the repairs of the truck

The reply to these problems are:

(i) Get an excellent driver, or put you truck under a fleet supervisor that will take care of the working of the truck in your behalf at an agreed fee.

(ii) Tracker: Should you place all of your trucks on a trucker, the second your driver placed on the ignition for the day you will get all his motion through, text messages.

(iii) You’ll be able to too seek the service of an expertise mechanic petroleum products prices in nigeria news to inspect your trucks before purchase. Also search counsel from people already within the business.