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Best High-Paying Oil And Gas Jobs In Pennsylvania To 2017

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Oil Creek PA – Oil Creek, PA, USA get directions
Titusville PA – Titusville, PA 16354, USA get directions

Oil City PA – Oil City, PA, USA get directions
Southpointe Business Park, Washington PA – Washington, PA 15301, USA get directionsOne of the reported Hubs of the Oil and Gas Industry in Pennsylvania.

“lat”:40.927395,”lng”:-79.959419,”zoom”:7,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:23963,”lat”:”41.672337″,”lng”:”-79.672661″,”name”:”Oil Creek PA”,”address”:”Oil Creek, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23964,”lat”:”41.627003″,”lng”:”-79.673660″,”name”:”Titusville PA”,”address”:”Titusville, PA 16354, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23965,”lat”:”41.433949″,”lng”:”-79.706444″,”name”:”Oil City PA”,”address”:”Oil City, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23967,”lat”:”40.173962″,”lng”:”-80.246170″,”name”:”Southpointe Business Park, Washington PA”,”address”:”Washington, PA 15301, USA”,”description”:”One of the reported Hubs of the Oil and Gas Industry in Pennsylvania.”] Oil History in PA
Marcellus and Utica Shale deposits, named for sites in New York State, cover most of the State of Pennsylvania and at least 75% of the land from the Ohio border on the west, eastwards to Philadelphia.

Of important note are the cities of Pittsburgh, offering oil and natural gas jobs, and Oil City to the north. Oil City became a famous oil company headquarters town for several firms after the first US oil well was purportedly drilled on a Pennsylvania farm to start the US Oil Industry in 1859. This was about the time that the American Railroad became more useful, just the right time for oil transport to begin. In fact, Pennsylvania has been known as a railroading state, with famous trains and tracks at Altoona PA and the film train disaster film Unstoppable filmed on location in Pittsburgh.

Interestingly, oil was first reported before the American Revolution, by a Swedish settler around Oil City. He observed that Native Americans, namely the Seneca Nation of the long-time Iroquois Confederacy, had already been skimming oil from Oil Creek for trade with whites for some time. They continued to do so until about 1800. Among the Iroquois Six Nations that traded with and befriended whites, the Senecas most often married into white families and developed businesses in New York and Pennsylvania.

American oil was first discovered in Pennsylvania and this is the reason for such famous product and company names as Penn Oil and Quaker State.

Petrolia: The Landscape of America’s First Oil Boom (Creating the North American Landscape)The most important oil history book today, this story tells about the discovery of oil and the start of a big business that changed transportation and American economy.

Buy Now Marcellus and Utica Shale Deposits
Shale Oil Boom
Pennsylvania and Ohio are experiencing a low-cost natural gas boom in shale petroleum marketing equipment west sacramento ca 95828 oil that is driving natural gas prices down, especially in Pennsylvania after 2008.

The boom is stimulating additional investments in factories that use shale gas as well. Marcellus and Utica Shale states are offering incentives to attract such shale-gas-using companies that produce chemicals, plastics, fertilizers, steel, and several additional product lines.

Examine the most frequently listed oil and gas jobs in Pennsylvania below and watch for many more before the end of 2020.

Related Attractions
Oil Heritage Festival | Venango Area Chamber of Commerce
Annual Festival petroleum marketing equipment west sacramento ca 95828 held in downtown Oil City

Drake Well Historic Site
First US oil well.
PA State Parks – Oil Creek

Oil Creek margin:0px !important;” /> Historic American Oil Country: Pennsylvania
The Oil Creek River Valley in Northwestern Pennsylvania is a historic site included in the Oil Heritage Sites for Pennsylvania. On the map above, you can see Titusville, where the first oil well in America was drilled and below that, Oil City. “Oil Tourism” is a major contributor to the local economies in this area.

Coal Carbonization EquipmentThe Pennsylvania and National Oil Heritage Areas contain a total of over 700 square miles of land and dozens of communities. Economic development and environment protection are major goals in this combined region.

On the map to the right, we see that the combined shale deposits reach from New York into Canada, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and a small part of Tennessee.

During early 2015, over 52,200 job vacancies at once were advertised across the Internet for positions petroleum marketing equipment west sacramento ca 95828 in the Oil Industry in the United States, with another 262,500 jobs in Natural Gas positions.

Oil and Gas Job Surges in Several Spikes
Fastest growing companies in the Oil Healthcare and Sales Representation, especially in Oil Heavy Haul Truck Drivers; OTR Drivers – Over the road, long haul, regional jobs.

Maintenance Technicians
Hazmat Drivers

Security Officers
Telesales Business Development Representative III – Oil and Gas sales

Fuelers / Truck Wash / Tires

Mechanical, Field, and Pipeline Engineers
Diesel Technician/Mechanics

Completion Superintendents and Foremen
Outside Sales Representatives

Diesel Mechanic for Fleets
Natural Gas Project Managers

Petroleum Supply Specialists
Valve Technicians

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show route and directionshide route and directionsShow driving directionswalking directionsbicycling directions with distances in mileskilometers

Pittsburg PA – Pittsburgh, PA, USA get directions
Warrendale PA – Warrendale, Marshall, PA 16046, USA get directions

Moon Township PA – Moon Township, Carnot-Moon, PA 15108, USA get directions
Canonsburg PA – Canonsburg, PA, USA get directions

Williamsport PA – Williamsport, PA, USA get directions
Muncy PA – Muncy, PA 17756, USA get directions

Harrisburg PA – Harrisburg, PA, USA get directions
Allentown PA – Allentown, PA, USA get directions

Philadelphia PA – Philadelphia, PA, USA get directions
“lat”:40.599869,”lng”:-77.686928,”zoom”:6,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:23953,”lat”:”40.440624″,”lng”:”-79.995888″,”name”:”Pittsburg PA”,”address”:”Pittsburgh, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23955,”lat”:”40.653210″,”lng”:”-80.079491″,”name”:”Warrendale PA”,”address”:”Warrendale, Marshall, PA 16046, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23956,”lat”:”40.513401″,”lng”:”-80.210060″,”name”:”Moon Township PA”,”address”:”Moon Township, Carnot-Moon, PA 15108, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23957,”lat”:”40.262569″,”lng”:”-80.187279″,”name”:”Canonsburg PA”,”address”:”Canonsburg, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23958,”lat”:”41.241192″,”lng”:”-77.001076″,”name”:”Williamsport PA”,”address”:”Williamsport, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23959,”lat”:”41.205639″,”lng”:”-76.785515″,”name”:”Muncy PA”,”address”:”Muncy, PA 17756, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23960,”lat”:”40.273701″,”lng”:”-76.884415″,”name”:”Harrisburg PA”,”address”:”Harrisburg, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23961,”lat”:”40.608429″,”lng”:”-75.490181″,”name”:”Allentown PA”,”address”:”Allentown, PA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:23962,”lat”:”39.952335″,”lng”:”-75.163788″,”name”:”Philadelphia PA”,”address”:”Philadelphia, PA, USA”,”description”:””] Oil Regulation Was Needed
The History of the Standard Oil Company: Briefer VersionThis is the muckraking classic that led to regulation of the Standard Oil Company. It was an oil producing, transporting, refining, and marketing company established in 1870 in Ohio and the largest oil refiner in the world.

Buy Now Wawa has become an eminent company for the clean up of oil and gas spills according to strict standards in Pennsylvania. Pitt Ohio has become a trusted trucking company for handling related Pennsylvania HAZMAT needs. Tire companies and truck maintenance outfits are also growing.
by Carolyn Dahl2

Career FieldsBest Aerospace Careers To 2050 AD
by Patty Inglish14
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