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Wind Down The Burnaby Chevron Refinery

I took down this blog for some time because I have been too busy to put in writing. I would like to see the refinery closed as a result of it is in a residential space and refineries blow up from time to time. Additionally, the plant pollutes the air, the water, and the land.The plant is seventy years old… and I think it is time for retirement.

Now that the refinery is predictably leaking oil into the Burrard Inlet I am going to begin running a blog about it again. In the context of an unfettered circulation into the ocean on the Gulf Coast, the removing of petroleum production near or on waterways is more urgent. Please see the Vancouver Sun Story concerning the oil seeping into the Coal inlet. And in the present day (June 1, 2010) there was one other story within the Vancouver Sun that says lower than 50 litres of “material” spilled into the Burrard Inlet in accordance with Chevron’s spin doctor Ray Lord. In my view, how does anybody really know how a lot and for the way long the “material” has been seeping into the Burrard Inlet – tides go in – tides go out – and the “material” goes to destinations unknown.

I wish to touch upon using the word “material” within the place of oil, gasoline, petroleum, etc. by people within the business. This is not any totally different than utilizing phrases like “collateral damage” when persons are killed. Its dishonest.

Actually I had one person who commented on this weblog yesterday use the word material… I think about that the petroleum equipment wisconsin java individual is linked to Chevron in some manner, understanding the vernacular and all….

There petroleum equipment wisconsin java is a facebook group that has been formed to bring individuals collectively to protest the refinery in Burnaby. I noticed that it has grown to sixty three individuals in only a few days! Strategy to go folks.

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