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Refining Digboi Refinery

Earlier owned and operated by the Assam Oil Firm Limited/Burmah Oil Company, it got here into the fold of the Indian Oil Corporation Restricted by an Act of Parliament on 14th October 1981 and grew to become the Assam Oil Division of Indian Oil Corporation Restricted.

As we speak, with its vastly modernized operations and facilities, Digboi Refinery is an ISO – 9002, ISO 14001 and OHSMS 1997 accredited Refinery, manufacturing main petroleum products and a wide range of specialty products.

The advertising network has additionally been modernized and strengthened and at present, Assam Oil Division is proud that the Charging Purple Rhino has made its presence felt in different states like West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Right this moment IndianOil’s Assam Oil Divison prides in having some flagship CSR initiatives particularly IOCL (AOD) Hospital, Assam Oil College of Nursing, Shikshak Dakshta Vikas Abhiyan, Sarve Santu Niramaya amongst many other common socially dedicated initiatives. The oil heritage of Digboi has been rigorously preserved on the Digboi Centenary Museum suitably situated around India’s first Oil Properly (drilled in yr 1889). This caring for heritage venture tells the over one hundred years previous story of Digboi by unique exhibits, equipments, plants and knick-knacks.

In the first section of the Digboi Refinery Modernisation Venture (DRMP), a brand new crude distillation unit, captive energy plant and associated offsite facilities had been put in and commissioned. This was adopted by the set up of a Catalytic Reformer Unit (CRU) in 1997 and a new Delayed Coking Unit (NDCU) in 1999. Digboi Refinery has thus made main investments in incorporating applied sciences comparable to catalytic reforming orange coast petroleum for the production of “green” fuels and eliminated use of dangerous lead compounds in the production of motor spirit. It has adopted the usage of the eco-pleasant hydrofinishing technology for remedy of wax by installing a Wax Hydrofininshing Unit (WHFU) in 2001 and thereby eradicated using acid/earth finishing course of. Two extra main units will are under commissioned – these are the Solvent Dewaxing Unit (SDU) and Hydrotreater Unit (HDT). On commissioning of those two models, the refinery would be ready to supply a larger quantity of wax by way of the SDU and likewise produce environmentally friendly “green” fuels comparable to extremely low sulphur diesel. Besides enabling the refinery to provide Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF), the hydrotreater unit may also allow the refinery to part out using toxic sulphur dioxide for refining kerosene.

With an unique capacity of 0.50 million tonnes, the Refinery can now process a zero.65 million tons of crude oil. The refinery is accredited with ISO 9002 and ISO-14001 certification, which implies that it uses all doable means to advertise surroundings safety by way of adoption of proactive pollution management measures. Apart from efforts within the refinery, Assam Oil actively promotes surroundings protection, tree plantation and conservation efforts in and around Digboi and in all different areas where it operates by interacting with local schools, faculties and varied social orange coast petroleum and non-governmental organizations. Digboi refinery can be accredited with BS-8800, a standard testifying to its commitment to occupational health and security of its staff in its operations.

The refinery presently processes primarily high wax crude (HWC) and a small amount of medium and low wax crude (LWC). It turns out the standard merchandise resembling LPG, Motor Spirit, Mineral Turpentine Oil, Superior Kerosine, Excessive Pace Diesel, Light Diesel Oil, Furnace Oil, Bitumen, and Uncooked Petroleum Coke besides producing some speciality merchandise comparable to Solar Oil, Jute Batching Oil and most importantly Paraffin Wax. In view of its low refining capacity of 0.Sixty five million metric tonnes per annum, Digboi refinery is endeavouring to maximise manufacturing of high worth speciality merchandise.