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Iraq Begins To Rebuild Largest Refinery

Iraq started to rebuild its largest oil refinery this week, jumpstarting an effort to reconstruct the country after a three-12 months struggle with the terroristic Islamic State, an announcement from the oil ministry stated.

methanol extraction towerThe Baiji complex ought to produce 70,000 barrels of oil per day upon completion, ministry spokesman Assem Jihad instructed oil refinery strike gas prices toronto reporters on Thursday. The power, initially constructed in 1975, is at present utterly offline and refined between 250,000 to 300,000 barrels per day earlier than it was seized by ISIS in 2014.

“The rehabilitation will enable the distribution of refined products for the north of the nation and scale back our imports,” stated Jihad.

Baiji is strategically situated along Freeway 1, which runs from Baghdad to Rabia, a border city within the North West of Iraq. It is only 111 kilometers from Kirkuk and therefore encroaches on the oil concessions that have been granted by the KRG to worldwide oil corporations in South-Japanese Kurdistan. Regardless of its geographical proximity to Kurdish oil fields, the Baiji refinery is more of a strategic asset for Baghdad’s Nationwide Oil Firm (NOC) versus Erbil.

ISIS presence in this area, and management over the refinery, not solely hampered Baghdad’s oil manufacturing, but additionally threatened to spill over into de facto Kurdish civilian territory. The brand new York Instances cited stories from the Iraqi navy that it had retaken the Baiji oil area from ISIS on the 16th of October 2015, bringing an finish to roughly six months of ISIS control over the refinery. Though ISIS now not occupies the land, the damage to the refinery after its re-capture was extensive.

Reviews oil refinery strike gas prices toronto in early 2016 said that it was ‘plundered beyond repair’, this corresponds with a wider ISIS tactic of decimating all existing infrastructure when compelled out of an area.

By Zainab Calcuttawala for Oilprice.com
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