chemical plant jobs, oil refinery companies stocks year,American Petroleum Equipment & Construction Company, Inc,

Reichmann Petroleum Corp. And Unsecured Creditors’ Committee

benzoic acid workshopPaul D. Stipanovic Geosite, Inc. c/o, Lawyer
Dane Scott Subject, Lawyer
Locke Liddell & Sapp, Attorney
Porter & Hedges, L.L.P. Lawyer
Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. Lawyer
Hunton & Williams, Lawyer
Paxton Pratt, LLP, Lawyer
Sandra Burns, Lawyer
Thompson & Knight, LLP, Lawyer
Jason Searcy P.C. Attorney
Harper Cattle, LLC, Legal professional
Particular person, Whitworth, Borchers and Morales, Lawyer
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, Lawyer
J A Compton & Co Laptop, Guide
Randy Snyder, Cred. Comm. Chair
Exterran Energy Options, L.P. Creditor
Peter Fagan, Creditor
V P Sales & Company LP, Creditor
Patterson Services, Inc. d/b/a Patterson Rental Tools, Creditor
USA (IRS), Creditor
Nevis Vitality Companies, Inc. Creditor
Gray Wolf Drilling Company LP, Creditor
It Have to be Nice, O.D. Family Partnership Ltd, Creditor
Native Oilfield Providers, LLC, Creditor
Ramiro V. Martinez, Creditor
Rosa L. Santos, Creditor
Sandra Y Rubio, Creditor
American Categorical Travel Related Services Firm, Inc. Creditor
Cheniere Investments LLC, Creditor
Basic Vitality Services, oil refinery companies stocks year Inc. Creditor
Key Power Companies, Inc. Creditor
Nabors Nicely Companies Ltd. Creditor
Bunker Steel Company, Creditor
Patterson-UTI Drilling Company, LP, LLLP, Creditor
Halliburton Power Companies, Inc. Creditor
Schlumberger Expertise Company, Creditor
Baker Hughes Integrated, Creditor
Snow oil refinery companies stocks year Fogel Spence L.L.P. Creditor
Volvo Monetary Services, Creditor
Knight Oil Instruments, Inc. Creditor
Wynn-Crosby Partners I, Ltd. Creditor
Unit Drilling, Creditor
Bruington Engineering LC, Creditor
Beck Brothers, Inc. Creditor
Ainsworth Trucking, L.P. Creditor
Rathole Drilling, Inc. Creditor
Volvo Commercial Finance, Creditor
FPL Fuels Company, Creditor
Freedom Pipeline, LLC, Creditor
Counsel For South Barnett Assets, LLC, Creditor
XTO Energy Inc. Creditor
Thomas Petroleum, Ltd. Creditor
Pioneer Drilling Providers, Ltd. Creditor
Matagorda County, Creditor
Neumin Production Company, Creditor
Quicksilver Resources, Inc. Creditor
Arguindegui Oil Co. II, LTD. Creditor
three T Enterprises L.P. Creditor
Taylor Trucking, Creditor
Pipeco Providers, LP (“Pipeco”), Creditor
Thomas Power Services, Inc. Creditor
Thomas Tools, Creditor
Thomas Tubing, Creditor
J & W Services and Equipment Company, Inc. Creditor
Hanover Compression Restricted Partnership, Creditor
Midwestern Mud Service, Inc. Creditor
Carrizo Oil and Gas, Inc. Creditor
Dowell Water Properly Companies, Inc. Creditor
The It Should be Good, O.D. Household Partnership, Ltd/, Creditor
La Duquesa Ltd. Creditor
Downing Wellhead Tools, Inc. Creditor
American Categorical Travel Related Svcs Co Inc Corp Card, Creditor
Striker Petroleum, LLC, Creditor
Geosite, Inc. Creditor
Twilight Service, Inc. Creditor
Bar Pipe Company, LLC, Creditor
Trabarr Companions, LTD, Creditor
Sooner Pipe, L.P. Creditor
QL Corp. Creditor
E. L. Farmer & Company, Creditor
Rattler Rock, Inc. Creditor
Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. Creditor
Specialty Rental Tools & Supply, Inc. Chemical Project Package Installation Creditor
Francis G. Ross, Creditor
Charles M. Ross, Creditor
Bourland & Leverich Supply Co. Ltd. Creditor
MW Rentals & Providers, Inc. Creditor
Gulf Coast Firm, LP, Creditor
Williams Manufacturing-Gulf Coast Firm, LP, Creditor
Newpark Drilling Fluids, L.L.C. Creditor
Cobia, Ltd. Creditor
Woodlands Vitality Company, Creditor
David and Joyce Tanimoto, Creditor
Norman and Tracy Nishizu, Creditor
Steven and Mariko Nishizu, Creditor
Steven Rutherford, Creditor
Dave Tacke, Creditor
R. P. “Pat” Wilson, Creditor
four Bits, LLC, Creditor
Tejas Via Del Rey, LP, Creditor
Tejas Publish Oak Ventures, LP, Creditor
American Categorical Bank FSB, Creditor
Cuellar Family Trust, Creditor
Creditors and/or Working Curiosity Homeowners, Creditor
Pathfinder Power Services, Inc. Creditor
Pathfinder Holdings Belief, Creditor
Boykin Household Trust, Creditor
dba, SOS Oil Instruments Weatherford Canada Partnership, Creditor
Weatherford Enterra U.S. P.P. Creditor
Weatherford U.S. L.P. Creditor
Precision Energy Services, Inc. Creditor
Weatherford Synthetic Elevate Systems, Inc. Creditor
Texas Energy Providers, L.P. Creditor
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Creditor
BJ Services, Company, U.S.A. Creditor
Charles T. Clark, Creditor
Hydro Frac Flowback, Inc. Creditor
Opti-Flow, LLC, Creditor
Mangum Oilfield Service, Creditor
Wood Group Logging Providers, Inc. Creditor
City of Stephenville, Creditor
Smart County, Creditor
Dallas County, Creditor
Clever CAD, Creditor
Stephenville ISD, Creditor
Hood CAD, Creditor
Counsel for Volvo Financial Services, Creditor
Volvo Business Finance, a division of VFS US LLC, Creditor
Dorsal Companies, Inc. Creditor
Production Tools Co. of South Texas, Inc. Creditor
Collingsworth Effectively Treating, Inc. Creditor
Tim Morgan, Creditor
Dyke Ferrell, Creditor
Drawbridge Special Alternatives Fund LP, Creditor
Yazoo Enterprises, Inc. Creditor
Strata Management Services, Inc, Creditor
Petron Industries, Inc. Creditor
Double Rafter H Construction Co. LLC, Creditor
Bruington Engineering, Ltd. Creditor
Dan E. Peters, Creditor
South Barnett Resources, LLC, Creditor
Lingleville ISD, Creditor
Huckabay ISD, Creditor
Physician Laboratory Providers LLC, Creditor
ConocoPhillips Corp, Creditor
Erik Doughty, Creditor
Willa Peters Hubbard Testamentary Belief, Creditor
Richman Oil Corporation & Peal Ranch Joint Venture, Creditor
c/o Scott A. Ritches Working Curiosity Homeowners, Creditor
Harding Firm, Creditor
Richman Oil Company, Creditor
Richard Parker, Alvin Betzel and Berry Creek Farms, L.P. Creditor
CorrTech, Creditor
Fence Me In, Inc. Creditor
Seitel Information, Ltd, Creditor
Cygnus Texas Properties, Inc. Creditor
DP Petroleum Consulting, LLC, Creditor
M-I, LLC d/b/a M-I SWACO, Creditor
Gaertner Leasing, Creditor
Stanley T. Firebaugh, Creditor
Firebaugh Household, Ltd. Creditor
Natural Environmental Techniques, LLC, Creditor
STF Exploration, LLC, Creditor
STF America, LLC, Creditor
Common Compression, Inc. Creditor
Duval County, Creditor
City of Denton, Creditor
SWEPI LP, Creditor
William Wissinger, Creditor
GMAC, Creditor
Freddie J. Williams, Creditor
Atlas Tubular, LP, Creditor
Holirzontalsi, LLC, Creditor
Air Gear Rental, Inc. Creditor
Bamco Gasoline, LLC, Creditor
Radar Satellite tv for pc Options, Creditor
H & L Resources, LLC, Creditor
Kerr-McGee Oil & Gasoline Onshore, L.P. Creditor
Kona, Ltd. Creditor
Genesis Power Restricted, Creditor
Wellspring Energy, Creditor
Parker County Seven, Ltd. Creditor
Parker County Power Partners, Ltd. Creditor
Texas Wellspring Power Group, Inc. Creditor
Coast to Coast Power Partners, Ltd. Creditor
Howard Lou Enterprises, Creditor
Mustang Vitality, Creditor
Canyon Companions, L.L.C. Creditor
Amana Companions, Inc. Creditor
Texas Wyoming Drilling Unsecured Creditors Committee, Creditor
Genesis Energy Holdings, LLC, Creditor
Kerogen Rosurces, Inc. Creditor
Mark Rutherford, Creditor
K-3 Resources, LP, Creditor
Marathon Oil (East Texas), LP, Creditor
Marathon Oil Firm, Creditor
Hermat Providers Inc, Creditor
W.L. Flowers Machine & Welding Co Inc, Creditor
FESCO Ltd, Creditor
Alice Southern Equipment Service Inc, Creditor
Condor Petroleum Inc, Creditor
ProTechnics division of Core Laboratories LP, Creditor
Vitality Transfer Applied sciences, Ltd. Creditor
Energy Switch Fuel, LP, Creditor
Allis-Chamlers Power, Inc. Creditor
Donald R. McClure, Creditor
Beverly A Robinson, Creditor
Texas Pipe & Provide Company, Ltd. Creditor
Miller Oilfield Repair, Inc. Creditor
Tarrant County, Creditor
PHT Frost Companions, Creditor
Core Laboratories, Creditor
Unassigned Working Interest Homeowners, Creditor
Inner Revenue Service, Creditor
Richard and Karen Parker and Alvin and Sheila Betzel, Creditor
Berry Creek oil refinery companies stocks year Farms L.P. Creditor
San Patricio County, Creditor
Nueces County, Creditor
Majestic Transport, L.P. Creditor
Villa Dolores Martinez Minerals, Ltd. Creditor
Steve Danchok, Creditor
County of Freestone, Creditor
County of Hardin, Creditor
City of Midland, Creditor
Cyril C. and Particia A. Parker Revocable Belief, Creditor
Patricia Parker, Creditor
Cyril Parker, Creditor
McMillan, Jon, Creditor
GFK, Inc. Creditor
Cady Resources, LLC, Creditor
The Pathfinder Group, Creditor
County of Erath, Creditor
Pioneer Pure Sources USA Inc, Creditor
Alan Hoops, Creditor
Thru Tubing Options, Creditor
TIW Corporation, Creditor
Hermat Oilfield Service Inc, Creditor
Karin Tucker, Creditor
Morfar Investments LLC, Creditor
DDH Assets LLC, Creditor
D. Burcher, Creditor
Hillside Properties Limited Partnership, Creditor
Allis-Chalmers Tubular Companies Inc, Creditor
Weatherford International, Inc, Creditor
Johnson County, Creditor
Unit Texas Drilling LLC, Creditor
Flatrock Compression, LTD. Creditor
DBZ Petro South Barnett, LP, Creditor
DB South Barnett, LLC, Creditor
ConocoPhillips Firm, Creditor
Cressman Tubular Merchandise Corp. Creditor
Baytex Credit score Corp, Creditor
Unsecured Creditors’ Committee, Creditor Committee
Reichmann Petroleum Corp. Debtor In Possession
Richman Petroleum Corp. Debtor In Possession
Iris Holman, Defendant
Eldon Holman, Defendant
Nels Jahren, Defendant
Bernice Goen, Defendant
William Goen, Defendant
FTI Consulting, Inc. Monetary Advisor
FTI Consulting Inc, Financial Advisor
Charles E Gebhardt, Interested Celebration
Burlington Assets Oil & Gas Firm, Involved Celebration
W. Lee Keeling, Fascinated Get together
Dahlberg, Interested Social gathering
Freedom Pipeline, LLC, Interested Social gathering
Hartshorn Household Trust, Interested Social gathering
Hartshorn, LLC, Interested Get together
“Grace”, Fascinated Party
William and Michelle Brinkop, Involved Get together
Aquagen Engineers, LLC, Interested Get together
1COR4:7,LLC, Fascinated Get together
The Gary & Kelly Grace Family Trust, Involved Celebration
Susan M. Grace, Involved Celebration
Sandy Grace Monrean, Involved Social gathering
Gary R. Grace Jr. Fascinated Party
Gary R. Grace Sr. Fascinated Celebration
Gary R. Grace, Involved Social gathering
Ron D. McClure, Fascinated Get together
“Neely”, Involved Party
Julissa Neely, Fascinated Occasion
Mary Neely, Involved Get together
Louis Neely, Involved Party
Corey Jordan, Involved Celebration
Freedom Pipeline, LLC Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors, Fascinated Occasion
Mark S. Roberts, Fascinated Celebration
Lesikar Oil and Gasoline Firm, Fascinated Party
Shawn M. Cady, Involved Celebration
Richard F. Dunlap, Interested Celebration
Dunlap Exploration, Inc. Involved Occasion
Linda Neece, Involved Occasion
Douglas R. Neece, Fascinated Get together
Smith International, Inc. Interested Celebration
PHT Frost Companions, LP, Involved Social gathering
Finley Resources, Fascinated Social gathering
Charles and Lillian Di Benedetto, Interested Social gathering
Derek and Kelly Hoelscher, Fascinated Party
Mining Oil, Inc. Involved Social gathering
FABDA, Inc. Fascinated Get together
MSB Vitality, Inc. Interested Celebration
US Energy Company of America, Inc. Involved Get together
Curt Cunningham, Involved Party
Stuart Caffey, Interested Celebration
Venus Ventures LLC, Involved Occasion
Donald S. Butler, Interested Occasion
James Richard Stacey Sr. Fascinated Celebration
Don H. Hanvey, Involved Celebration
Hanvey Production Company, Involved Celebration
Don Hanvey Oil Pursuits, Inc. Interested Social gathering
Cyril C. and Patricia A. Parker (As Trustees of the Cyril C. and Patricia A. Parker Revocable Trust), Interested Occasion
Keeling & Downes, Fascinated Celebration
Baytex Credit score Corp, Intervenor-Plaintiff
Atypical Course Professionals, Other Prof.
Eric Kiersh, Respondent
Danny Jackson, Respondent
Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C. Spec. Counsel
Madison Niche Alternatives, LLC, Transferee
Chico Limestone, Inc. Transferor
Kilgore Rental Instruments, Inc. Transferor
LexisNexis, Transferor
Lin’s Completion Fluids, Inc. Transferor
Jason R. Searcy, Creditor Trustee, Trustee
Jason R Searcy, Trustee
US Trustee 7, U.S. Trustee
US Trustee 11, U.S.

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