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Decontamination Of Technogenically Polluted Soi..

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The efficiency of removal of pollutants from one hectare of water hyacinth per day is as ammonia nitrogen one hundred fifty-200 kg, BOD5 : of 21.9-36.5 kg, COD : 38,7-238,zero kg, oil: 1,6-4,7 kg.

Method and design a technological answer permits you to scrub contaminated clay, moist, marshy, low-mendacity areas and wetlands from pesticides, surfactants, petroleum merchandise, rocket gas, heavy metals, radionuclides, phosphorous and nitrogen, ammonia, feces, bacterial contamination, and many others. Doesn’t require important capital investment, self-sustaining. Its sustainability is predicated on the secondary use of “waste” plenty of water hyacinth (eichornia) for the manufacturing of fertilizers, vitamin supplements or meals. The most well-liked this know-how may be in regions with humid climate and temperatures of a minimum of +16°C, and in addition the heat summer time period, for example, in Central and se Asia. India, East Africa. May be utilized in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.
Work on implementation of expertise are divided into 2 stages:
– feasibility and project justification, specification of process supplies and tools,
– supply of planting uterine materials, equipment and operating expertise start-up.

Period contract – up to four months. The price of technology and design options – from $ 7600 USD. The price of commissioning is determined oil price nymex crude by the challenge.