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Are Canadian Energy Stocks Set For A Rebound

As Canadian energy stocks are finally seeing a bit of a push, and demand for Canadian commodities seems to be set to rise, juniors are assured that economics will ensure that Canadian oil–the most cost effective on the earth–will find its approach to extra markets, with or without Washington’s approval of Keystone XL. Within the meantime, some sweet spots in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, just like the Montney shale formation–are exhibiting promise as fuel turns into oil for the larger players, whereas the juniors are hoping to piggyback on this new success.

In an unique interview with Colin Soares, the CEO of Excessive North Assets we discuss:
• How Libya and Warren Buffet boosted Canadian vitality stocks
• Why we are able to anticipate stronger demand for Canadian commodities
• Why easy economics favors Canada’s low-cost crude
• Why Canadian juniors are banking on $70 oil
• Why oil worth volatility will haunt us
• Why we should not count on a giant change in Canadian crude price differentials just but
• Why Washington’s approval of Keystone XL isn’t as crucial as earlier than
• What we are able to count on from all of the hush-hush over the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
• How the important thing for juniors in the Montney shale is to piggyback off the shift from fuel to oil exploration

Interview by James Stafford of
James Stafford: For the first time in months, Canadian ETFs are seeing an increase in flows–particularly for monetary and power stocks. What’s pushing this

Colin Soares: I believe there were a few components. Worldwide cash started flowing again into Canadian power as global oil prices jumped 15%, on the back of Libya manufacturing falling down. WTI adopted swimsuit and impulsively the Canadian oil worth was over $a hundred a barrel. Cash circulation and profitability soared in Q3 2013.

Canadian management teams have received so used to deep oil value discounts, we focus solely on creating high belongings–ones that payout in a 12 months on $75 oil. That is definitely true for the juniors–and there are a whole lot of them in Canada. We now have become a lot more disciplined in the final year as traders switched from growth in any respect prices to sustainable development; growing inside cash stream.

Then I believe you simply mix all that with the fact that the valuations on Canadian oils were so low-cost–from juniors like us proper via to seniors like Suncor. Warren Buffett purchased an enormous chunk of Suncor this year and I believe that helped money flows into our sector as properly.

James Stafford: Can we count on stronger demand for Canadian commodities
Colin Soares: Completely. Coal Carbonization Equipment The Individuals should not allowed to export their crude, and Canada is. We now have the cheapest oil on this planet, and easy economics says it would discover a option to a market. The light oil might go to the west coast via a new pipeline, or it would travel across Canada to the jap Maritime provinces, however it will discover a manner–for both heavy and mild oil.

The US will always want our heavy oil, as their refining complicated is generally heavy oil. And our heavy oil trades at a discount to both Mexican and Venezuelan heavy oil.

James Stafford: What does this imply for Canadian juniors
Colin Soares: It means we are able to funds on at the least $70 oil, which is what we’re doing.

James Stafford: Canadian heavy crude is bought at a large discount to US and world crude, but analysts are actually predicting the tip of those huge oil painting value “differentials” as they’re referred to as, for Canadian heavy oil. Do you see an finish to this volatility, and what factors will contribute to closing this hole

Colin Soares: No, volatility will completely keep. Simply having one refinery go down creates a giant differential for just a few days. And naturally, pricing is seasonal as refinery maintenance happens in spring and fall, and oil prices are lower then, and the differentials are greater then. You simply get used to that and price range an total worth. Strong projects, with good economics will earn money regardless of fluctuations within the oil value.

At High North now we have been using a $70/barrel oil value to calculate our numbers and we’re confident that we still have one of many quickest payouts of any wells in North America.

James Stafford: How do you see this enjoying out by the tip oil painting of the 12 months and into the first quarter of 2014

Colin Soares: Differentials will keep larger than normal–although what’s regular anymore –by way of Q1 2014 until extra pipeline capability will get into place round North America. There may be 800,000 barrels a day of refining capacity coming online in just the next two weeks! That’s more competitors and can elevate North American oil prices.

And pipelines are racing to keep up to production increases and doing an excellent job. TransCanada’s Keystone South project might be starting in just some weeks taking oil from Cushing all the way down to Houston.