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Tank Makers And Fitters

6 m diameter pressure vessel 500 cubic metersThe truck manufacturers normally don’t mount the tanks on their chassis, leaving that job to the expert tank corporations. Nonetheless, the truck dealership bought the completed product (tank truck). Within the 1920s corporations that did oil crude trading this impartial tank work were The Davis Welding & Mfg. Co. (Cincinnati, Ohio), Butler Manufacturing Co. (Minneapolis, Minn.), Brown Sheet Iron & Steel Company (St. Paul, Minn.), Pennsylvania Furnace and Iron Firm (Warren, Pa.) and an amazing number more. These tank makers and installers marketed within the journals, just just like the truck manufacturers and Petroleum Heat Exchanger Series oil firms. In fact, the ads of oil crude trading the tank firms would typically present a completed tank mounted on a truck and painted with the name and brand of the client (oil firm), thus showing that their tanks and work was accepted by necessary shoppers. The picture advertisements also confirmed the make of the truck in many circumstances.

Present day tank makers and fitters embrace Seneca Tank (Des Moines, Iowa), Progress Tank (Arthur, Illinois), ODay Gear Inc. (Fargo, North Dakota), Trans-Tech Industries, Inc. (Brewer, Maine), Vegely Welding, Inc. (Duquesne, Pennsylvania), Pennco (Warren, Pennsylvania) and more.

Identical to truck chassis manufacturers, tank builders depend on other firms for a number of the parts needed for a compartmented truck tank. For example, tank manhole covers, compartment valves, security vents (and other objects) are made by Betts Machine Co. in Warren, Pennsylvania, a very long time family business widely identified for freeway tank transportation equipment required within the tankage and hauling of petroleum and chemical products.

This SOHIO tank truck was seen “abandoned” in an oilfield operators gear yard in western Crawford Co. Pa. Photograph by S.T. oil crude trading Pees, 1995.

Wolfs Head Oil Co. merchandise distributor Ben Clifton of Warren, Pa. and proprietor of Service Oil Co. used this truck to haul gasoline, kerosene and gasoline oil to farm clients. The tank is mounted on a 1950s Ford F5 physique model. It now sits abandoned on the outskirts of Warren the place it is sinking into the ground. Picture by Ellsworth Sparks, April, 2002.