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What is the breakdown of petrol price in India, and how much of it is taxes
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Calculating Crude Oil Price – Petrol & Diesel – 2017

If you reading Internationally, the worth of crude Oil hovers at around forty eight Greenback and Rupee has additionally gained Strong in Current Tines

On Importing Oil – Barrel Value + Ocean Freight at 2 Dollar needs to be paid – successfully implying – 50 $ per barrel as import cost. That is Equal to Rs 3210 in INR (conserving alternate charge at Rs. Sixty four.2 / USD )

» Uncooked Crude Oil in Indian Currency: Rs. 3210 / 159 = Rs 20.19 per Litre approx
Simplified Calculation Chart for Petrol & Diesel Costs in New Delhi – (24th August 2017)

If you’re reading Internationally, the worth of crude Oil hovers at 50 Greenback
On Importing Oil – Barrel Value + Ocean Freight at 2 Dollar must be paid – successfully implying – 52 $ per barrel as import value. That is Equivalent to Rs 3485 in INR (protecting exchange price at Rs. 67.04 / USD )

» 1 barrel of crude Oil is Equivalent to around 159 Litres of Crude occidental petroleum jobs apply Oil
» Uncooked Crude Oil in Indian Forex: Rs. 3486 / 159 = Rs 21.92 per Litre approx

Fundamental OMC Price Calculation-
Entry Tax (if appl.), Refinery Processing, Margin & Landing Price from Refinery to OMC – (Refinery Costs)-

Rs 3.39 per Litre
OMC Margin, Transportation, Freight, Landing to Dealers-

Rs 2.56 per Litre
Basic Cost of Gas after Refining Price-

Rs 27.91 per Litre
Additional: Excise Responsibility as on 16th June 2016-

Rs 21.48 / Litre on Petrol
Pricing Charged to Dealers earlier than VAT

Rs 49.39 per Litre
Calculating Supplier Retail Price –

Base Location Delhi-
Commission to Petrol Pump Dealers-

Rs 2.30 per Litre
Fuel Cost Before VAT (rounded off for approximation)

Rs fifty one.69 per Litre
Further:VAT (Varies from State to State – 27% on Petrol & 18% on Diesel + 25p as Pollution Cess with occidental petroleum jobs apply Surcharge)

Rs thirteen.96 / Lit on Petrol
Closing Retail Price as on 16th June, 2016 -(calculation)

Rs 65.65 per Litre
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Why are petrol costs in India so high
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Why is the petrol price still so excessive in India (65Rs/litre) though the crude worth has fallen drastically to $40 per barrel

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