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Who are The most important Gamers

The Canadian oil sands symbolize one of the vital lucrative funding opportunities to oil and gas investors. With a reserve life of 35 – 50 years the oil sands can be a major source of crude oil for the years to come back and will have a dramatic affect on crude oil prices. From an investor perspective it is effective to know who the most important gamers are in the Canadian Oil sands. Below are four of the most important players in the Canadian oil sands.


Syncrude is at present the worlds largest producer of crude oil from oil sands, in 2005 Syncrude produces 78.1 million barrels of crude oil from the oil sands. Syncrde is presently finishing the Syncrude 21 venture which is anticipated to increase Syncrudes oil production from the Alberta Oil sands to 350,000 barrels per day. Syncrude spends over $forty million dollars on research and development new wave energy services group in an attempt to determine extra environment friendly ways to acquire crude oil from the oil sands. Thirty-two % of Syncrude is owned by the Canadian Oil Sands Trust, 25% by Imperial Oil, 12 % by Petro Canada and the remainder by other oil and gasoline firms.

Petro Canada
Petro Canada’s oil sands strategy is to develop the enterprise profitably by means of phased and built-in development of this world-class useful resource. Petro-Canada is strategically positioned to seize full value from Alberta’s oil sands – the most important such deposits on the planet. Petro Canada possesses massive lease holdings within the Alberta oil sands in additiona to proudly owning a big refinery in the Edmonton area which is within the means of being transformed to course of oil sands feedstock completely. Petro Canada possesses a 12% curiosity in Syncrude, a hundred% possession of the MacKay River Oil sands mission. Petro Canada is a 55% owner within the Fort Hills oil sands mission where they plan to develop an estimated 2.Eight billion barrels of bitumen. Complete oil sands reserves are estimated at 5 billion barrels.

Synenco Vitality Inc. was integrated in 1999 to accumulate and develop oil sands assets in the Athabasca area of Northern Alberta. Since its inception, Synenco has advanced steadily in the direction of its purpose of developing oil sands mining, bitumen extraction and upgrading services, collectively referred to as the Northern Lights Challenge. The independent best estimate of the Northern Lights Venture’s assets is 1.Forty nine billion barrels of in-place bitumen.
In May 2005, Synenco created the Northern Lights Partnership (NLP) with SinoCanada Petroleum Company, the Canadian subsidiary of China based Sinopec. Synenco holds a 60% interest in and is the managing associate of NLP. The current price of the NLP project is $5.3 billion. When fully operational the NLP is anticipated to produce a hundred,000 barrel a day of gentle candy artificial crude oil, with first manufacturing beginning in late 2010.

Suncor started crude oil production from the Alberta Oil Sands in 1967 and has produced over 1 billion barrels of oil in its history. Suncor exited 2005 producing 260,000 barrels of new wave energy services group crude oil from the oil sands per day. Suncor expects to succeed in 550,000 barrels of crude per day from the oil sands by 2012.