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Each season comes with it’s pores and skin challenges and this time of year we’re all making an attempt to get rid of dry skin. It can be even worse for those of us with a Vata physique type (if you’re not accustomed to Ayruvedic Dosha’s, you’ll discover out more about your body sort right here). If you’re like me and have had dry pores and skin your entire life I am sure you might have been informed to use petroleum products like Aquaphor, Vaseline, or Eucerin. Whereas these merchandise could seem to work, they’re in all probability not healing your skin they usually include potentially harmful chemical additives.

On this text, you will read that creams that contain mineral oil, like Eucerin, can improve the pace at which pores and skin tumors kind. Simply a quick search on the Environmental Working Group will present you that Aquaphor comprises a level 8 chemical additive referred to as oxybenzone which has a protracted record of potential dangers. It’s clear these merchandise aren’t safe options for you or your family. The excellent news is there are lots of natural alternatives that work with your body’s means to heal itself.

Right here is how one can p j petroleum equipment ltd prevent and sooth dry pores and skin with all natural elements:
Use Gentle Natural Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps to take off dead pores and skin cells and keep the skin surface easy. The other benefit is that moisturizers can penetrate the skin better when the useless natural gas prices november 2014 pores and skin cells are sloughed off. Making exfoliation a part of your regular pores and skin care routine will assist to cease extreme dry skin. Here’s a publish I wrote about exfoliation choices in your face, in that article I discussed two of my favorite options which is the Konjac sponge and my Orange Facial Scrub.

There are related methods you want to make use of to cast off dry skin in your body too, like this natural physique loofah or a natural sugar scrub like this one. It’s possible you’ll even mix your personal with some organic sugar and almond oil for a fast resolution. The additional profit to using a body scrub that accommodates oil is that it’s good to utilize simply earlier than shaving your legs, you will not even need shaving cream.

Natural Oils & Butters Do away with Dry Pores and skin
There are various natural oils and butters that may work all on their very own to help soothe dry skin and plenty of are even better when combined with other oils. Just a few of probably the greatest oils it is best to utilize to your physique embrace coconut oil, shea butter, and almond oil. I started experimenting with these oils once i made the swap to natural pores and skin care and that i found they have been amazing when all combined collectively – which was the start to my current Body Butter recipe that I now sell in Entire Foods Market and online.

Pure oils that work properly for face embody olive oil, rosehip seed oil, hazelnut oil, and shea butter. My absolute favorite single oil to your face is a fine quality organic first chilly pressed olive oil. If I am all out of my serum or face cream, then that is my easy go-to oil. It is usually an incredible trick if you’re touring and forgot your moisturizer.

Treatments for Extreme Dry Pores and skin and Eczema
There are occasions when skin can get extremely dry and even to the point the place it’s an inflamed red rash or eczema. On this case, some extra intense moisturizing and healing is required. My son had issues with eczema as a baby and in the mean time it was totally new to me. I’d never dealt with that earlier than. In my herbalism research, I read rather a lot about herbs that may be helpful for extreme skin circumstances like eczema or psoriasis. Some herbs that helped my son were chickweed, calendula, and chamomile. When you prefer to DIY you too can make your own herbal salve – here is my Petroleum Refining recipe. This similar precise salve will also be purchased in my shop when you shouldn’t have time to make it.

As you may see, there isn’t any need to utilize products with chemical additives that might be dangerous to your beloved ones. I gave up all of that drugstore junk nearly 10 years ago and i’ve never found the necessity to return. Nature can provide all natural gas prices november 2014 of the issues we want to keep up wholesome skin!