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Government To discuss Risk Of Imposing Gasoline Tax If Crude Oil Worth Continues To Fall

That is firstly pure lies. There is no such thing as a such thing as subsidy in the primary place. What you produce, you can not subsidise. We produce our own oil, so what is there to subsidise

For those who grow vegetables in your back garden, you cannot go around telling individuals that you are “subsidising” the vegetables. Does not make sense. Unless you purchase the vegetables from one other particular person or country, then solely you can tell individuals you are subsidising.

Government has been lying to people the past 20 years about this. You see, the Sultan of Brunei also produces oil from his nation. However he cares for the rakyat first. So, he provides the rakyat very low cost petrol first. Then solely, the remainer and stability, he exports it to the world at world costs.

Why our Malaysian authorities doesn’t do this Don’t care for the rakyat is it And Malaysia’s oil reserves are 100X greater than Brunei’s oil reserve. About three years ago, it was introduced that Petronas struck the biggest oil area on the earth with enough reserves for the subsequent a hundred years. It was the biggest information of the century. However subsequent day, it was covered up. Full silence on it and a denial that it even happened. This is because UMNO reliased, better keep the money cow Petronas discovery soley for the exclusive benefit of natural gas prices for consumers the UMNO members pockets.

So, now, the UMNO Ministers and UMNO members are milking Petronas huge time. The UMNO members make 5% of the Malay inhabitants. While the UMNO members are shopping in Harrods, dining in Selfrdges and having tea in Fortnum and Mason’s in London, the remaining natural gas prices for consumers 95% of the rakyat Malaysia who’re Malays are instructed to tighten their belt and tanam jagung and kangkung to eat and survive.

The oil that Malaysia produces belong to each single Malaysian. It is our right. It belongs to make use of. Eventhough it belongs to use, we must someway beg and plead to the government for the appropriate to take pleasure in it and an inexpensive and lower value, something which all Bruneians take pleasure in as their beginning proper.

Even if the government is trying to steal our birthright and don’t want to offer us low-cost fuel, at least be sincere enough to lower the prices of gas when international prices have dropped to its lowest. There additionally, the UMNO members are attempting to cheat us. Now, they are saying must impose a tax. It must be the luck of consumers if international prices have come down but now the government is taking that additionally from us.

Malaysia produces the sweetest grade gasoline on the planet. What this implies is that, it is the purest and higest grade gas on the earth and most wanted and most costly. So, is it true that, 30 years ago, the Malaysian authorities negligently contracted with the Western Governments to sell this sweetest crude at a set price the subsequent 30 years in the past, a hard and fast worth which is much far decrease than even US$zero a barrel

Is this true
Is the rumours true additionally that because of this contract, we are actually a net importer of very low grade fuel from Arab international locations

Whether it is true, why is the Malaysian government giving Malaysians very low grade fuel, super excessive in natural gas prices for consumers sulphur and emissions which will not only detroy our surroundings but in addition our lungs Isn’t a authorities imagined to look after the country’s setting and well being of its folks

Is the country changing into bankrupt This what happens when corruption goes out of hand and isn’t small scale and the quantum is huge. For instance, Taib alone is value US$18 billion (RM60 billion). So you imagine. If one person alone can sapu about RM60 billion, what in regards to the others in the corrupted gang No marvel the country in bankrupt. Corruption shouldn’t be small quantity of a few million. The corrupted are so greedy, all of them compete with one another to see who is the highest most corrupted and all need that billion dollar mark and tens of millions are simply not sufficient of a mark.

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