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CHS Refinery At Laurel Our Laurel

Largest cooperative refiner and growing.
– CHS Refinery at Laurel Our Laurel, Montana, refinery has a refining capacity of greater than 60,000 barrels-per-day and distributes merchandise all through the northern tier of the United States. CHS purchased the Laurel refinery in 1943. You can attain the primary workplace at 406-628-5200.

Ceramic rasher ring– CHS Refinery at McPherson The McPherson refinery has a refining capacity of a hundred,000 natural gas marketers georgia barrels-a-day, with the majority of the crude oil it refines purchased from local Kansas producers. The McPherson refinery’s major products are gasoline and diesel gas for distribution all through the Higher Midwest. CHS has been a proud owner of the McPherson refinery for greater than 70 years.

You possibly can attain the principle workplace at history 620-241-2340. For crude oil value bulletins and the owner/operator area, please go to crudeoilsupply.com.

– CHS Pipelines CHS taps into more than 2,500 miles of pipeline throughout the U.S. and Canada to access crude oil for our refineries and safely move product to the market. CHS takes satisfaction in being a reliable supplier of high-quality power merchandise to our homeowners and companions.
Cenex Pipeline
Jayhawk Pipeline

Our clients are related to a reliable provide by a dozen of our personal refined product terminals, a community of greater than 250 third-get together terminals, and finished product storage for nearly three million barrels. In addition to moving energy merchandise through terminals, CHS markets quality gasoline and diesel gas through a network of greater than 1,500 Cenex® branded places in 19 states, dependably powering all the natural gas marketers georgia things from cars to heavy-duty trucks and tractors.