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What We Do

We’ve been part of this group since 1911 when the principle product produced was kerosene for lamps. In truth, town of El Segundo (Spanish for “the Second”) was named l&m petroleum 2017 after the refinery, then Customary Oil’s second in California. Right this moment, the El Segundo Refinery offers jobs for more than 1,one hundred Chevron staff and 500 contractors, covers approximately 1,000 acres, has greater than 1,100 miles of pipelines, and is capable of refining 290 thousand barrels of crude oil per day. Transportation fuels – gasoline, jet and diesel – are the first products refined from the Waste Engine Oil Distillation Equipment crude oil. We are accountable caretakers of our land and the environment, we operate our own electricity, steam, and water treatment amenities, and even maintain one among the only two remaining preserves in the world for the endangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly.

Quality Improvement
2000m3 storage tankOur high quality improvement program is a big part of our dedication to produce the best fuels. This refinery-wide program is designed to ensure that the transportation fuels we produce meet your expectations for performance, are delivered on time, and are manufactured l&m petroleum 2017 safely and in an environmentally sound way. At its basis is a climate of mutual respect and teamwork that fosters continual improvement.

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