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Shell’s Pernis Refinery Fireplace Buoys Oil Product Costs

LONDON (Reuters) – A shutdown at Europe’s largest oil refinery is boosting already-strong libyan oil production profit margins for petroleum merchandise and further tightening a market that had been exhibiting indicators of rebalancing for weeks.

Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) started shutting down most of its units at the 404,000 barrels per day Pernis refinery in Rotterdam following a late-evening fire on July 29 in its power supply system.

The length of the shutdown stays unknown, but the corporate was nonetheless within the technique of switching off some items at the plant on Monday, suggesting a restart wouldn’t be instant.

The shutdown drove up the benchmark diesel refining margin in northwest Europe (LGO-1=R), the profit that refiners could make from refining crude into diesel, to a session high of $14.60 a barrel on Monday, its highest degree since November 12, 2015.

The benchmark European immediate Low Sulphur Gasoil futures contract (LGOc1) traded at a premium to the September contract of as a lot as $10 a tonne earlier within the day, earlier than coming off to $1.75 a tonne at 1230 GMT.

That compared with libyan oil production a low cost of 25 cents on Friday.
When a present-month contract trades at a premium to the next month, a construction generally libyan oil production known as backwardation, it indicates a robust marketplace for prompt provides.

The rise in European costs opened up the diesel arbitrage from Asia and widened that from the U.S. Storage Tank Series Gulf Coast, according to traders.