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Why Nigeria Cannot Build Any Petroleum Refinery..

Why Nigeria can not build any Petroleum Refinery or maintain any existing one.
When Nigeria Refineries were built, there have been signed maintenance Settlement between the Nigeria Government and the Refinery Builders on how to take care of the Built Nigeria Petroleum Refineries, which the Cabals controlled Nigeria Authorities thwarted, faulted & cancelled, as to pave way for their imposed Flip Around Maintenance, which served as fraud to collect yearly Turn Round Maintenance cash.

Since, these Refinery Builders are part of the global Refinery Building Cartel and when Nigeria faulted the signed Upkeep Pact and cancelled it, for fraudulent purposes, it turn out to be imperative that Nigeria can’t be trusted, as to have one other Refinery building or Upkeep Alternative, we misplaced alternative to call upon any Refinery Builder, whom should have belonged to the Cartel, both to build or to maintain/fix up our problematic Refineries.

Even the Cabal used his Cronies to build some Refineries in Niger Republic, Chad and different African Countries, however these Refineries won’t last, because the Refinery Builders belonging the Cartel, should arrange or crop up downside as to cripple the built Refineries technically, as these owners had been concerned in cheating the Builders in previous.

The Nigeria Refineries were built with the Signed Upkeep Agreements, which the Cabals controlled the Nigeria Authorities, which the federal government/NNPC thwarted, faulted & cancelled the kashagan first oil Signed Maintenance Agreements have been, as to pave manner for their fraudulent Designed Turn Around Upkeep, which had been designed means by cabal fraudulently to collect yearly Turn Round Upkeep cash,

With the subsequent imported Petroleum Subsidy Fraud, being perpetuated by the Core North Cabal Cronies, from the identical Petroleum refined and imported from the NNPC Reserved Allotted Crude Oil Quota, meant for the local NNPC Refineries’ refining, which some were offered out and some have been refined in African International locations, which upon their returned importation back, Petroleum Subsidy had been paid.

Even the Cabal used his Cronies to construct some Refineries in Niger Republic, Chad and other African Countries, but there won’t final, Cartel should crop up downside to cripple them technically, as they had been cheated firstly.

Some details on factual status of the Nigeria Refineries and NEPA to be privatized & commercialized on 6 Regional Foundation for nearer better monitor, effectivity, benefits and worthwhile management, only the public Reality will work the magic, not continual Governmental Deceptions for any Regime or involved prime Workers Positive factors with its institutional Falsehood propaganda.

Additionally, in 2000, I used to be able to get Ex-President Obasanjo direct 3 emails, which I used to mail him, since primarily based on my standing, I could not be in a position meet him physically or ship him a letter, resulting from presidential bureaucracy and tactical IBB constructed on any Nigeria President, since IBB built Aso Rock with preliminary Presidential bureaucracy, which every incoming President inherit.

With these emails, I mailed Ex-President Obasanjo which got here with computerized e-mail acknowledgment. My e mail instructed that every one Nigeria Refineries were demise and since Nigeria had 16 Petroleum Products’ Depots with Petroleum Products’ Pipelines, with crude Oil Pipeline for the Kaduna Petroleum Refinery.

Since, Nigeria Refineries have been technical deteriorated by non-implementation of required Turn Round Maintenance(TAM), which began from 80s by those Principals who groomed and Tele-guided IBB to Military Presidency and June 12th Politics led to collapse and last loss of life of all Nigeria Refineries, as sensitive Refinery Models were balkanized throughout late Abacha Regime.

When Ex. President Obasanjo visited Chevron Worldwide Headquarter in Houston Texas during his Second Time period, as to plea and to plead for Chevron to quote any upkeep amount and Nigeria Authorities shall supply Chevron 40%, as to handle these Refineries after Corporation Repair. Ex. President Obasanjo was dome fined, when this supply was turn down with the Chevron President telling Ex. President Obasanjo that he didn’t know Nigeria very effectively and that Chevron is only involved to exploring Crude Oil and getting its agreed forty% solely. This, confirmed that there are different things which West with its Allies find out about Nigeria, which Ex. President Obasanjo did not know, which is the Arewa secret coping with the British Imperials led Western Capitalists and which Buhari partly knows, despite his pretense.

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