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Personalised Stepping Stones For Gardens

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Personalised Stepping Stones For Gardens
Updated on February 26, 2013 Rita-Ok moreContact Writer Making Your personal Backyard Strolling Stones To Create Lasting Reminiscences
Learn how to make your personal stepping stones, an easy craft for youths and adults. That is the primary of three tutorials on crafting garden stepping stones with easy to follow directions, materials lists and plenty of pictures. Each tutorial will educate a unique methodology for making your individual customized stained glass stepping stones.

The first tutorial, “Stone Topper” is the best method. When you’ve got by no means made a mosaic stepping stone or are searching for a fast and inexpensive manner of crafting a lot of stones rapidly, then that is it!

No molds, no costly kits, little mess and (the most effective part) you probably have many of the needed materials!

The second tutorial Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones follows the “glue ‘n grout” technique, instructing you a tiling utility. Fun and a bit messy!

The third tutorial How one can Make Inlaid Stepping Stones, offers you the steps for creating probably the most intricate stained glass mosaic designs. Easy but stunning completed garden stones.

Learn on!
Handprint Stepping Stones
Utilizing the Stone Topper Technique
This is a superb starting mosaic undertaking. It’s simplicity makes it simple to craft the stones shortly and it is a craft the whole household can join in on!

You start with a business precast stepping stone, your selection of size, form (square, spherical, or octangular), and colour. Utilizing “the handyman’s secret weapon” commonly often called duct tape, a bag of ready-to-use cement mortar mix, a bit water and some decorative stained glass cobbles you can make a wonderful stepping stone in a matter of an hour or two (depending on how long it takes you to create the right design).

Easy and many fun to make.
For our “how to” demonstration, I rounded up three teens with little or no crafting background. They each chose stained glass cobbles as their tesserae (the decorative objects used to create the mosaic design) they usually decided to embed their handprint for posterity. (Never know, sooner or later they might grow to be famous and that stone may be price a small fortune!)

That they had a blast! And their parents received a wonderful current.
Following are photos detailing the ease of creating these stepping stones together with written instructions and a supplies listing! Have enjoyable!

Making Mosaics isn’t solely fun but it surely is a good family project!
Material Checklist for the Stepping Stone Topper Venture
1–12″ Precast stepping stone, your selection of shape. (12″ stepping stones can be bought at dwelling improvement shops for as low as $1.Fifty eight each)

Design Template–use either a 2nd precast stepping stone for setting up your mosaic design or you’ll be able to set-up your design on paper reduce or marked to the size and form of your stone.

Marking pen or pencil
Stained Glass Cobbs (the large ones) or Cobbles (mid sized), the quantity wanted will rely on the design

5 lbs. of Quikrete Mortar Combine. This may be bought at most home enchancment stores in 10#, forty#, 60# or 80# luggage.

Duct tape, sufficient to wrap round the edge of the stone. The sturdier the better.
As much as 1 1/2 cup of Water for mixing with the mortar plus water for soaking the precast stone

1–plastic bucket or massive plastic bowl
1–measuring cup for liquids

1-measuring cup for cement or a scale can be utilized
1– garden trowel

Dust mask and Security Glasses
Latex gloves

Security Glasses (cement could be very dusty and can cause eye irritation)
Petroleum Jelly– When you plan on imprinting your hand into the mortar it’s advised to make use of petroleum jelly to guard your pores and skin from the caustic effect of cement. It dries your skin and can cause “sunburn like” irritations, this is particularly vital for small kids.

Newspaper or a plastic tarp to guard your work surface
Paper towels and trash bag for clear-up

Picture How-to for Making Your Stone Topper Stepping Stone
Click thumbnail to view full-dimension Mosaic Stepping Stones… Make Fantastic Presents!

Full Stone Topper Written Directions
A straightforward Step-By-Step Guide

liquid ammonia tank

Step 1. Create Your Design.

Make a paper template of your stepping stone or use a 2nd stone on your design format. Define your hand placement using a marker and any lettering you may want to incorporate corresponding to a date, artist initials, and so on. Place your stained glass cobbles, seashells and/or every other gadgets you may want to incorporate to finish your design.

Step 2. Arrange Your Work-Area.
Decide a spot where there is nice ventilation and is suitable for working with cement. Exterior on a pleasant day or in your storage needs to be ultimate. Arrange a work desk coated with newspapers or a plastic tarp. Place each your stepping stone and your pre-laid design near one another. When prepared you will need to transfer your pieces shortly earlier than the mortar dries.

Step three. Soak Your Stone.
Soak the pre-made stepping stone in a water bath ensuring both sides are thoroughly wet. This will help prevent the stone from soaking the moisture out how is crude oil extracted from the ground of the mortar too shortly, which might trigger cracking.

Step 4. Wrap With Duct Tape.
As soon as totally soaked, wrap the stone with a good sturdy duct tape forming a 1 1/2″ tall bed which is able to hold the wet mortar. Be certain that the duct tape sticks securely. It’s possible you’ll want to wrap your stone twice for added strength.

Step 5. Mixing Your Mortar.
Put on your” dusk mask and safety glasses. Measure out 5 cups or 5 pounds of dry” mortar into a big bucket. Add 3/4 cup of water, saving the rest for including as needed. Utilizing a trowel, totally combine the dry mortar with the water until it’s like thick peanut butter. If the mix is simply too dry add a small quantity of water till it’s of the desired consistency. If is just too runny add dry mortar. Be certain that the slurry is completely mixed before pouring. See mixing tips for added instructions.

Step 6. Make it Easy.
Scoop the mortar onto your stone using your trowel. Utilizing the back of your trowel spread the wet mortar evenly throughout the bottom stone and as stage as possible. With the edge of your trowel smooth the surface. The overall time you spend on mixing, pouring and smoothing should be not more than 5 minutes.

Step 7. Decorate!
As soon as your topper is clean you can start to decorate. Taking note of your design, press your hand evenly into the wet mortar; you could have to make use of your other hand to help press down each finger to get a superb imprint. Using a pencil or thin stick engrave your stone along with your initials, date, etc. Wash your hand of any residue before including your stained glass cobbles. Let set.

Step eight. Remaining Steps.
When the mortar slurry companies (in approximately 15 to half-hour) gently remove the duct tape. With a wet sponge gently round out the edges and easy any tough spots. The newly poured stone now must cure for a few weeks before it may be put outdoors. Your stone is weakest on the day it is poured so let it sit at the very least 24 hours before transferring it to a place where it might end curing.

Step 9. Clear Up.
Be sure to scrub off the trowel and plastic tubs as quickly as you are finished with them. Any excess mortar discard in a trash bag. Instruments may be simply cleaned outdoors using a garden hose or wash them in a bucket of water. Once the cement hardens will probably be tough to take away. Do not clear them in your own home sinks….cement can clog up your drain lines!

Extra Stepping Stone Tutorials
Tutorial #2 Garden Mosaic Stepping Stones teaches the crafting of a stepping stone utilizing the “Glue and Grout” technique. A fun and a bit messy way of applying your mosaic design.

Tutorial #3 The right way to Make Stepping Stones offers full instruction for the “Inlaid Technique”. One of the best and best method to attain that “skilled” look.

How About…..
…making Stepping Stones as an incredible fund raising venture for schools margin:0px !important;” /> Mixed Blue Stained Glass Cobbles-2.5 ounces Purchase Now Mixed Inexperienced Stained Glass Cobbles-2.5 ounces Purchase Now Mixed Gold Stained Glass Cobbles-2.5 ounces Purchase Now Blended Rose Stained Glass Cobbles-2.5 ounces Buy Now Which Cement To use In Stepping Stones
There are several manufacturers of cement products. One in all the largest and well-known is Qwikrete. Their merchandise may be discovered at most dwelling enchancment shops reminiscent of Lowes and Residence Depot. For the “Stone Topper” methodology I exploit and extremely recommend “Qwikrete Mortar Mix”. Their mortar combine is a mix of masonry cement and graded sand. It is a long lasting, robust bonding mortar that can withstand outside weather circumstances. When it dries it has a pale grey coloration or you possibly can add colorants to make the dried stone more colorful. (see “Colour Options”)

I like the choice of purchasing the Qwikrete Mortar Combine in 10# luggage. It is easily transportable and it solely prices $1.98. That is a buck per topping!

Mixing Cement and Different Tips
For Greatest Outcomes Read This Before Beginning Your Undertaking
1. Prepare.

Have your working area set-up, all of your supplies ready to make use of, and ensure your dusk mask, gloves and security glasses can be found when needed. Cement units-up rapidly and you need to be ready.

2. Measure.
Water and Cement (Mortar) Essential TO Read!!!!

The right amount of water added to any cement combine is very important. Utilizing a lot water will weaken or trigger cracking in your stone. Too little water will cause the stone to dry too quick which can even weaken the stone. The trick is to start out with roughly 2/3 of the entire water

that you simply suppose you will have. Then slowly add more water, a couple of drops at a time, until the combo is the consistency of peanut butter or a thick milk shake. It is best is you use water at room temperature. Warmer water will cause the cement to arrange sooner providing you with less time to apply your decorations.

The quantity of water needed will range with every stone made attributable to humidity, the shade of cement used and the best way during which you mix your cement. Less water is required in humid weather, when using lighter colors of cement, or when you employ a power device to mix your slurry.

3. Rule of Thumb
The rule of thumb on calculating a water to cement ratio is 2 oz. of water to each cup of cement combine. Make sure you read #2.

Four. Mixing Cement
Mix VIGOROUSLY! No wimpy mixing allowed! And put on your safety equipment!

The power of the ultimate piece depends on vigorous mixing. You wish to make sure that all the cement is thorougly combined with the water, no dry spots. Hand mixing is ok for small batches but bigger batches needs to be combined with a power mixer such as a drill with a mixing blade attachment.

Observe that as you combine “vigorously” the cement slurry will skinny so use caution when including extra water.

5. Air Bubbles
Air bubbles in the slurry will rise whereas the stone is drying to trigger little air holes in the surface of the completed piece. To eleviate many of these you need to “burp” your stone. Once poured and smoothed, gently tap the decrease precast base stone with a rubber mallet , slowly moving the mallet around the bottom. Thirty seconds will most likely do the trick.

After the stone is ready you’ll be able to fill any holes left by making up a small batch of slurry paste using a teaspoon or so of mortar combine and a few drops of water. Utilizing a gloved finger rub the slurry into the hole wiping any excess off with a damp sponge.

6. Drying Tips
For the primary 24 hours after making your stone let it sit undisturbed. That is when it’s the weakest. The precast stone goes to be drawing moisture from the newly poured top so cover it with plastic, a family trash bag or grocery bag will due. The next day you can transfer it indoors the place it will want to completely cure for a couple more weeks before it can go exterior.

Material Safety Knowledge Sheet for Qwikcrete Merchandise (MSDS)
Qwikcrete has posted on their web site their Materials Safety Knowledge Sheet for you to view. Go to…

Every nice company stands behind their prospects and their merchandise. It appears to me that American made merchandise reminiscent of Qwikcrete do more for the safety of their customers then those products made overseas.

Support Individuals…..Buy American!
Coloration Options for Stepping Stones
The wonderful thing about expertise is that you do not have to stick to plain gray cement. There are a variety of lovely shade additives accessible in liquid and powder kinds. Add colors with concrete powders sprinkled or rubbed into the floor of the concrete when wet or combine the colour directly into the cement slurry. You can too obtain wonderful results utilizing acid stain and completely different coloured paints on dry or even previous cement. Get an concept of what is on the market by following the Amazon connection beneath.

What Concrete Colorants are available
Quikrete 1317-00 Liquid Cement Color, 10oz, Charcoal Purchase Now Related
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