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High Precision Chilly Drawn Precision Pipe Expertise And Its Utility

High precision chilly drawn precision tube is a brand new sort of high-tech power-saving products. In recent years, using this know-how in the manufacturing of precision steel tube has been widely …

Excessive precision cold drawn precision tube is a new kind of excessive-tech vitality-saving merchandise. In recent years, the usage of this know-how in the production of precision steel tube has been extensively used in domestic hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder, coal mine bracket (pillar), oil pump pipe, jack and different manufacturing areas. Software of excessive precision cold drawn precision steel tube to avoid wasting steel, improve the machining efficiency, save power and reduce the hydraulic cylinder, cylinder processing gear funding has important significance.

Cold drawn method: manufacturing of high precision chilly drawn precision tube in contrast with traditional slicing technology, the hydraulic cylinder has the following characteristics: (1) high effectivity: with the normal technique to produce a 420 mm internal diameter, 12 meters long cylinder must be 154 hours, with chilly drawn technique manufacturing solely four minutes. (2) high features: due to the impact of rolling stress head and the guide of the boring, in the technique of slicing, the blank pipe resulting from the burden of the deflection, the rolling head deviate and boring cutter, trigger waste. Features only around 60%, and with chilly drawn method manufacturing, functions can reach greater than ninety five%. (3) excessive utilization rate of metallic: made of conventional technique of boring cylinder physique, metal utilization solely 50-70%. When using a way of drawing production, metal not only by chopping the top of the iron, it could actually get 30% extension of metal utilization rate can attain ninety five%. (Four) can enhance the mechanical properties of the completed tube steel: manufacturing by drawing technique, make blank will get more than 30% of the plastic deformation, attributable to work hardening has vastly improve the energy of the completed tube metallic heatig oil restrict. Usually within the finished tube layer strength limit enhance of 60%. High precision cold drawn pipe is manufactured from seamless sizzling-rolled steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe as blank, after chemical therapy on the special chilly drawing machine, through the particular deformation precept of design of mould drawing, produce high precision tube. The dimensional accuracy of H10 ~ H8, straightness of zero.35 ~ 0.5 mm/m, the surface roughness Ra1.6-zero.Four.

Production course of is as follows: feed, appearance inspection, mechanical cleaning, mechanical cleansing, annealing, straightening, tube processing, pickling, neutralizing – water – scale change – saponification – drawing – check – minimize to length, honing, finish processing, straightening, meeting, testing, packing

High precision cold drawn precision pipe utility: (1) engineering hydraulic machinery, akin to hydraulic truck crane, excavator, bulldozer, forklift, and so on. (2) within the coal mine hydraulic support: at present the nationwide production has forty eight downhole hydraulic support of the enterprise, heatig oil the high precision cold drawn pipe, the overall demand of about 1.2 million meters. (Three) hydropower station gate crane machine, template, particularly in the Yangtze river three gorges project is a giant demand in the following decade. (4) construction equipment: the work high above the lifting equipment, common building construction restore is also inseparable from the hydraulic equipment. petroleum geology pipe (5) : oil fields everywhere in the country annually have to pump greater than 30000 units, annual consumption and excessive precision tube more than 20-forty meters, can also use this know-how ending all kinds of drill pipe. (6) arms industry: navy departments now use guns tube spinning method processing, spinning methodology is low productivity and excessive value, manufacturing is extra acceptable in chilly drawing method. (7) bearing trade: at the moment, the production of the rolling bearing race, with spherical steel as uncooked materials, the slice via stamping. Massive bearing race might be hollowed to make solid bar, metal utilization rate of lower than 40%, an pressing must high-precision, bearing steel thick wall pipe. Drive shaft, automobile business (8) : Ninety five 6000 tons of precision tube, axle tube 10000 tons and quite a lot of pipeline, and so forth. (9) aviation business: aluminum alloy aircraft touchdown gear and thick wall steel pipe, and so forth. (10) jack: jack manufacturing in China has considerable strength, good prospects to earn international exchange by way of exports. Our production enterprises at current a couple of thousand catties DingGang utilizing strong bar processing, low production effectivity, high materials waste, urgent demand for prime precision chilly drawn pipe. (Eleven) other areas: all sorts of printing roller, roller roller tube, stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, special pipe and the interior and outer pipe, and so forth can be produced by this expertise.