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Some Refineries Even have Solvent Deasphalting

Sinopec is China’s largest petroleum refiner and oil merchandise producer, with its refining capacity rating the 2nd in the world. Refineries of the company are mainly located in China’s southeast coastal area, middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and gulf oil price North China, areas of essentially the most dynamic and most developed economies in the nation. These refineries are blessed by superior location, convenient transportation, and robust market demand. The company’s major oil merchandise embody gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lube oil, and so forth.

Refining Configuration
Mesh corrugatedThe corporate owns a wide spectrum of processing facilities including atmospheric/vacuum distillation, FCC, hydrocracking, delayed coking, catalytic reforming, aromatic separation, hydrofining, alkylation, gas fractionation, asphalt, hydrogen manufacturing, desulfurization and sulfur restoration, etc. Some refineries even have solvent deasphalting, solvent dewaxing, wax molding, solvent refining, clay refining and lube oil hydrofining, and many others.

Refining Capability
By end 2011, the company’s complete processing capability reached 249 million tons. Major production models, together with FCC, delayed coking items, catalytic reforming items, hydrocracking units, hydrofining units for gasoline, kerosene and diesel, and many others. achieved a sure enhance of capacity in contrast with last year. The company has pumped extra technical assist to reinforce complete refining capability and inferior crude processing capability. In 2011, Beihai 5 million tons refinery reconstructing mission in numerous palce, Changling eight million tons refined product upgrading mission ,Zhenhai 23 million tons refinery supporting project,Gaoqiao 12.5 million tons lubricatant revamping project have been successively put into operation, increased successfully the Company’s processing capability and the mixing of refinery, chemicals manufacturing and lub production. RDS newly constructing in Changling ,FCC and coker revamping in Beihai, gulf oil price Guangzhou and different enterprise effectively enhance the Company’s low-grade crude processing functionality.The newly-built CCR in Jingmen,Gapqiao and Beihai had been successively put into operation, improved the Company’s product construction and decreased the cost of hydrogen manufacturing.We comprehensively implement GB III gasoline high quality upgrading. the newly-built gasoline hydrogenation models in Beihai,Cangzhou,Shijiazhuang,Jinan,Jiujiang,Zhenhai and sulphur units in Luoyang,Zhenhai,Jingmeng,Beihai and different enterprises had been put into operation,bettering our capability of unpolluted production producing. Currently, 11 refineries under Sinopec have a capability of over 10 million tpa each.

Refining Applied sciences
Owing to years of self-growth on applied sciences, the company boasts a robust and experienced group in refining, R&D, engineering and building. The company has a sequence of major refining technologies reminiscent of RFCC, Catalytic Reforming, high-stress hydrocracking, medium-strain hydrocracking, hydrofining, residue hydro and lube oil hydrotreating and reforming technologies, in addition to relevant catalyst improvement and commercialization capabilities. The company takes a number one place in China in terms of refining technologies. A few of its technologies are as much as international superior stage.

Product High quality
In 2011, the corporate has maintained the quality of all of the ex-work refining products at a 100% on-spec price. All of its merchandise have certified the spot verify held by know-how supervision departments of the State, local governments as well as the corporate its own.

Manufacturing & Operation
The company continued to reinforce administration in addition to scientific and technological development, the primary refinery technical and economic indicators was proceed to ascend . In 2011, Gentle oil yield of zero.29 proportion factors yr-on-yr rise. Refining yield of 0.26 percentage factors yr-on-12 months rise. Refining vitality-consumption was decreased by 1.07 units. Processing loss was decreased by zero.05 percentage level and The loss fee of crude oil storage and transportation was decreased by zero.02 share point all 12 months round.

Petroleum Merchandise
Sinopec is the largest petroleum products producer and supplier in China. Its major merchandise include gasoline, kerosene, diesel, lubricant, chemical gentle feedstock, fuel oil, solvent oil, petroleum wax, asphalt, petroleum coke, sulfur, LPG, propylene, polypropylene and benzene. The category and usage of main merchandise are as follows:

Gasoline labeled 90#,93#,97#,and 98#, and the quality can meet GBⅢ, GBⅣ and Euro IV emission commonplace.

Diesel varies in such grades as No.5, No.Zero, No.-10, No.-20 and No.-35, and the quality can meet the GBⅡ,GBⅢ, GbⅣ and the Euro IV emission normal. Diesel products are used in many areas equivalent to urban diesel cars, agricultural cars, railway transportation, waterway transportation, fishing, electric energy, agricultural machinery, and so forth.

Jet gas oil complies with the Nationwide critierion. Whereas assembly the home demand, jet fuel oil is also exported to Hong Kong and other areas. Six subsidiaries of Sinopec Corp. namely Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co. Ltd. Sinopec Maoming Firm, Sinopec Guangzhou Company, Sinopec Gaoqiao Company, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd,Sinopec Hainan Petrochemical Co. Ltd. and Sinopec Qingdao Refining Corp. all have proved themselves certified in the annual quality guarantee inspection held by Hong Kong International Airport.

Lubricants(grease), categorized by utility, embody automotive lube oil, industrial lube oil, artificial lubricant grease and metal working fluids (MWF), are broadly applied to aviation, spaceflight, nuclear business, electronics, military weapons, transport, vehicle, mechanical processing, metallurgical, refining, chemical, and instrumentation areas, and so forth. The company’s synthetic lubricant grease takes a leading place in the world. The specialty grease merchandise have been efficiently utilized to China’s Shenzhou-series spaceships and contributed to the profitable launch of Shenzhou V, Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou Ⅶ manned-spaceships. The product was recognized by China Aerospace Science and Expertise Corporation because the dependable product with stable performance. Because the devoted oil for China’s Antarctic research vessel Snow Dragon, Sinopec Nice Wall lube oil has contributed to the success of China’s Antarctic scientific research. The corporate’s varied engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil had been granted certificates from many worldwide corporations and ranking institutions. Sinopec Great Wall lube oil has develop into the devoted lube oil for Beijing 2008 Olympic Video games. The corporate has established good cooperative relationship with many domestic automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, who use Sinopec Nice Wall lube oil as ex-manufacturing facility fill oil or service fill oil.

Asphalt products include heavy-visitors highway asphalt (Class A and Class B, as newly regulated by the Ministry of Communications), modified asphalt, street petroleum asphalt, emulsion asphalt, asphalt used as a defending coating for piping, asphalt for electric wire, water-proof asphalt, rubber asphalt, asphalt for painting, and insulated asphalt. The past few years witnessed a major growth of the output of the corporate’s heavy-visitors street asphalt and modified asphalt which have been extensively applied to motorways, urban public roads, airport runways, racing tracks and bridge pavements. After it was successfully applied to the racetrack in Shanghai Worldwide Circuit in 2004, Sinopec Donghai modified asphalt was chosen for the street pavement of Donghai Bridge, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Capital Airport Motorway, Yangtze River Tunnel-Bridge and different nationwide key road construction projects.

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