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ISl Automated Testing Tools

ISL’s beginnings return to 1975, when a bunch of engineers and scientists from the heart of the Northern France’s petrochemical industry started searching for ways to automate petroleum testing. The neighboring trade served as a wonderful R&D proving ground for his or her new tools; and, with a number of high quality instruments developed, the ATPEM trademark was born. Essentially the most well-known of those new devices was the CPP97 Automated Cloud and Pour georgia natural gas prices 2016 Point Analyzer. Its successor, the CPP97-6, revolutionized chilly circulation testing with its introduction within the 1980’s, enabling six tests mechanically. This expertise continues as the standard in computerized cloud and pour point testing.

Bending machineRealizing automation was key in all development work, ATPEM launched a number of new automated instruments each year, georgia natural gas prices 2016 rapidly becoming a worldwide chief in computerized petroleum testing instrumentation. In 1986, they expanded operations, reorganizing into the company now often called ISL.

Experience and the appropriate combine of recent expertise became ISL’s key to success. With design, advertising and marketing, service and help operating together below the ISL roof, we now offer over 20 automatic and automatic analysers:

– increase check precision
– remove operator subjectivity and human errors
– enhance laboratory efficiency and scale back prices
– improve productivity and save operator time
– enhance check security

Striving to maintain close contact with clients in over 50 international locations, ISL has since grown, including four branches. In 1993, ISL reached “a brand new dimension ” by acquiring ISO 9002 certification from the BVQI. Working hard to increase our high quality assurance program, we obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1995.

Our mission is to supply prospects with innovative, user friendly, dependable testing tools. Designing, developing and producing georgia natural gas prices 2016 all equipment in-home, we always hearken to customer wants, utilizing their enter as foundation for product enhancements. A worldwide distribution community helps our customers with fast, environment friendly service, and our extremely knowledgeable service workers buttresses this relationship, providing solutions to product or software challenges.