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Petroleum Refinery Production Planning Training Course

Why Choose this Coaching Course
This Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries training course is specifically designed to identify and resolve issues of production planning and scheduling in petroleum refineries which might be mostly encountered by refinery personnel working in this space. Issues of operations scheduling for petroleum refining are discussed in depth. The course shall be enhanced with practical planning and scheduling examples utilizing both excel and proprietary planning and scheduling linear programming software program.

As well as Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries course will present related background info of the subject and can update refinery personnel on new applied sciences used in the sector.

– Learn how improved planning and scheduling operations lead to improved profitability
– Act as a primer into the industry of Petroleum Refining to maximise course of fluid yields
– Familiarize trade professionals with all processes related to the processing of petroleum into completed products
– Equip new engineers into the business, with the basic tools for understanding the advanced nature of Refining and its operations

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What are the Targets

– Gain an appreciation of the planning and scheduling tools that might be useful for planning of crude and product deliveries
– Differentiate and appreciate the similarities and variations between planning and scheduling
– Understand the ideas of scheduling optimization
– Be taught the skills to crude selection and optimization that result in improved profitability
– Develop the skills vital to apply blending strategies utilizing excel and linear programming software

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Who is this Coaching Course for

– All professionals involved in Production, Planning and Scheduling and anyone that wishes to replace themselves on georgia natural gas company rates the strategies used in this vital discipline and learn to implement error free strategies for the benefit of their organizations
– Course of engineers and technologists engaged in planning and scheduling actions and who’re required to know and talk about issues associated to their georgia natural gas company rates business
– Operations personnel together with shift supervisors
– Marketers and refinery planners
– Blending professionals
– Refining Technologists
– Other engineers who would like an additional understanding of the advanced refining processes and their influence on refinery planning and scheduling
– Accountants, entrepreneurs and other professions who would like understand the complexities and terminology of Manufacturing Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries

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How will this Coaching Course be Presented

The training georgia natural gas company rates course will be conducted with formal lectures, energetic participation and instructor led discussions. Short videos together with laptop software and simulations, used by manufacturing planning and scheduling personnel, will guarantee an intensive understanding of the matters launched. Case studies will probably be offered to illustrate the appliance of planning and scheduling and can be re-enforced with practical exercises and ample opportunities for deliberation and sharing of experiences.