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SJ Petroleum Machinery Co.Ltd is a Sinopec firm , the most important firm of Sinopec for drilling, properly completion and oil production gear, the main merchandise of SJ Petroleum embrace: Drilling and workover rigs, Cementing Unit and Fracturing Equipment packages, fracturing pump and high pressure fluid control products.SJ Petroleum is positioned in Jingzhou, Hubei province. Truly, SJ is brief for “ Siji” which suggests the fourth petroleum manufacturing facility by Sinopec.

SJ Petroleum Machinery
History of SJ petroleum Machinery Company:
– In 1941 SJ Petroeum manufacturing facility was founded.
– In 1953, SJ petroleum joined the No.3 petroleum group, it was renamed to be Bureau of Mines Transportation Department Yumen auto restore shop, and it was moved to westward Jiuquan;
– In 1956, So as to complete the task of Yumen oil shipped East after the repair store , it was moved to Dunhuang, and renamed the Qinghai petroleum Exploration Bureau Transport Division storage;
– Ultimately of 1969, participated inside the Battle of Jianghan Oilfield, throughout gas natural definicion the south Jingzhou,it was named the fourth petroleum equipment factory, mainly engaged inside the manufacture of diesel automobiles, has produced China’s first 6 t , 12 tons of diesel automobiles, production reached better than 500 units;
– In 1980 , SJ petroleum is the primary manufacturing facility which introduced from the United States with workover drilling rigs, cement trucks and fracturing models and different seven manufacturing know-how, the domestic first trial workover rigs was made by SJ petroleum machinery.
– In nineties, Sino-US joint venture company for the four planes Serva window, the profitable implementation of the worldwide petroleum gear developed chopping-edge technology and timely tracking. SJ petroleum have over 70 years of accumulation of the fusion machinery manufacturing strength and international advanced know-how, product development level of the plant is at all times in sync with the worldwide.

SJ Petroleum Machinery Firm manufacturing capabilities. SJ petroleum equipment is one in every of the highest 5 largest drilling rig producer in China. Inside the 1980s, SJ Petroleum had the potential of manufacturing 1000 units of pumping items annually, after which introduced granada petroleum gear & supply seven superior applied sciences for workover rigs, cementing items, fracturing packages, fracturing pump and high strain fluid management products. SJ Petroleum machinery can now supply 4 main categories of merchandise together with drilling & workover tools, manufacturing equipment, offshore drilling & manufacturing tools and high strain gas natural definicion manifolds, 12 families and more than 200 varieties of merchandise. In the new century, facing new alternatives and challenges, SJ Petroleum has accelerated the analysis and software of recent technologies and developed some new merchandise together with modular rigs, Huge Straightforward rigs, snub rigs, fracturing triplex mud pumps . SJ Petroleum merchandise has exported to over 30 countries and Areas with a very reputable identify throughout the petroleum trade.

Extra Number about SJ Petroleum Equipment firm:
– SJ Petroleum is certified by the API and ISO commonplace group, and adjust to the HSE system in the petroleum industry.
– SJ Petroleum is taken into account one among the first company who launched the CAD/CAPP/PDM/ERP management system.
– SJ Petroleum equipment have over one thousand Nigerian employees.
– SJ petroleum equipment annual turnover is over 4000 Million CNY equals seven-hundred Million US dollars.

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