Occurred in Guangdong LPG DME blending impact of the incident in Henan, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Hunan and different locations in the diffusion of DME manufacturing enterprise with. In the meantime, a growing variety of business began to seriously consider, in order to permit safe and effective DME to LPG camp, in order to make good use of the brand new gas, has been formed to protect the market, all features needs to be achieved work out what.

GB: should grasp the chance to put the market back legs don’t drag

2008 1 1st, Ministry of Building promulgated live “city gas with dimethyl ether” business standards, dimethyl ether, liquefied petroleum fuel as an alternative gas has a authorized status. However three months later, the State Basic Administration of High quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued “on the issue of notification for filling gas cylinders,” clearly prohibits adding LPG DME require cylinders to be special, because “the civil Liquefied petroleum gasoline blended with dimethyl ether crammed LPG cylinders after a critical breach “to Safety Supervision”, and will result in leakage of LPG cylinders and welding gasoline cylinder valves severe corrosion to the protected use of fuel cylinders nice danger. ” However, AQSIQ DME filling in the blocked part of the identical vulnerability, has not introduced a nationwide standard, such because the proportion of a mixture of dimethyl ether, filling the requirements, which led on to the sphere of non-commonplace civil state. Since then, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and issued the “add on the non-liquefied gasoline of dimethyl ether within the discover,” Some cities have even set up a hotline. Guangdong liquefied gas mixing dimethyl ether from the hotline to report the incident is cited out.

It’s understood, additionally reported in Guangdong, called different, there are numerous provinces and cities to go within the DME before use of local standards. December 1, 2009, High quality and Know-how Supervision printed “DME composite gas LPG” local standards into effect. Clearly outlined standards, dimethyl ether compound within the liquefied petroleum fuel gas in the proportion of not greater than 20%; DME composite gasoline LPG cylinders and LPG cylinders in shade, brand and so forth greater than 10 differences . Chongqing Municipal Bureau of High quality Supervision also assist enterprises to adopt bar code technology on computer networks and DME composite gas cylinders used to track the whole means of safety management providers, to protect its proprietary customary cylinder filling. To fight infringement and Chongqing Municipal Analysis Institute of Metrology quality testing out the “liquefied petroleum gas of dimethyl ether Determination Act,” native requirements, to have a authorized basis to fight illegal. Thus, Chongqing, dimethyl ether, “how to make use of” the problem just isn’t solved, liquefied petroleum gas gasoline dimethyl ether advanced security functions and market regulation has also been policy support.

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Trade believes that DME is now sorely lacking in requirements. The development of requirements ought to be complementary, Tube Heat Exchange focused. For example, since the issue lies in Guangdong cylinder Rubber Mat, then that cannot be targeted to unravel this downside?

National Liquefied Petroleum Gasoline Standards and Expertise Committee, mentioned Mr Tsang Chiu told reporters, to satisfy the DME’s “particular gas, special bottles, special valves, special” town gas of dimethyl ether need to make use of “liquid 2 ether cylinders “and” liquefied DME valve “The introduction of these two standards, in order to kind a typical system. Happily, Tsang Cheung cylinder based on the Nationwide Standardization Technical Committee of the 2 national requirements were sent for screening section.

In accordance with industry analysis, at present, the domestic production of dimethyl ether over 600 million tons per 12 months. Final yr, the market demand of DME is simply about 2 million tons, nearly 2 / 3 of capability idle. If the delay in introduction of nationwide requirements for DME companies may be drowned.

Air Station: test the relevant qualifications should take away adequate number of Lanyu

Operation of liquefied petroleum gasoline filling station is able to operate liquefied petroleum ether compound fuel?

“Enterprise of DME composite gas LPG to have special qualifications, and circuitously Sell . Creator Box gaga has 1 articles online

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