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Crude Oil Truck Trailers

Transcourt has been providing leasing and long run rental options demanded by the crude oil tanker business for 20 years. We provide a large rising fleet of over 600 high quality tankers in various configurations including new and used Petroleum, Crude, Chemical, Meals grade/ Sanitary, Dry Bulk, Propane/LPG, and Aggregate tankers.

We offer both operating leases and lease to own options. Our unique, customized and versatile method to leasing permits us to assist you in assembly your specific business requirements wherever in North America.

Transcourt offers with all main tank trailer manufacturers and due to this fact can provide the competitive lease or buy options to satisfy your needs.

We use our experience, intensive network and our buying energy to facilitate the acquisition and financing of your new tankers

We also can assist within the sale and trade determination of density of crude oil of your present tools and supply interim trailers to bridge any gap in your supply schedule.

Facts: In both the United States and Canada, more crude oil, petroleum products, and pure gas determination of density of crude oil are transported in pipelines than by all other modes mixed, utilizing the unit of ton-mile which is the variety of tons shipped over variety of mile. Within the U.S. 70% of crude oil and petroleum products are shipped by pipeline. 23% of oil shipments are on tankers and barges over water. Trucking accounts for 4% of shipments, and rail three%. In Canada, it’s much more lopsided. Nearly all (97%) of pure gasoline and petroleum merchandise are transported by pipelines. Truck trailers are increasingly used for brief distance delivery to fill jobs and tasks as the power continues determination of density of crude oil to expand in Canada and the US.

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