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Iraq Began Basra-Aqaba Pipeline Bid

Iraq has invited crude oil strip definition energy companies and buyers to bid to build and finance the first phase of a pipeline that may ultimately connect the southern metropolis of Basra with Jordan’s Purple Sea port of Aqaba, Reuters reported.

chemical tower manufacturing installationIraqi State Firm for Oil Projects (SCOP) mentioned the primary section consists of the engineering, procurement, construction and crude oil strip definition financing of oil and gas pipelines linking the Basra fields to a connecting power station near town of petrochemical Companies Najaf. Petroleum In keeping with Jordanian Minister of Power and Mineral Sources, Ibrahim Saif, the section is scheduled start in 2017, informed Anadolu Agency.

SCOP’s Manager, Nihad Moussa, mentioned the closing date for bids is late December and a bidding round is expected to be held in the first quarter of 2017. He added that the deliberate 350km pipeline can have capacity to ship 2.25mb/d of oil and could have a parallel gas pipeline. This new pipeline mission provides an alternate to the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline. The plan is to export 1mb/d of crude oil strip definition Iraqi crude to Jordan, of which 150,000b/d will provide Jordan’s Zarqa refinery, with the remainder exported through the port of Aqaba.