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Hydraulic Equipment Lubricant Improvement And Development

With the steady improvement of hydraulic know-how and its important benefits, at current its use more broadly, including air, automobile, ship constructing, oil and numerous construction machinery and so on. As an necessary part of the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil in hydraulic transmission plays an vital role, and in the end affect productiveness. Due to this fact, the right choice for the hydraulic oil on all sorts of hydraulic machinery is a primary requirement. 2 e9 F + R7 b0 g: B! B. l: b

1. Hydraulic mechanical necessities of the hydraulic oil 5 E $ \ zero p y $ n7 @
If the pump is the guts of your complete hydraulic system, then the hydraulic oil is the blood of your complete hydraulic system. Even one in every of superior design, manufacture excessive precision hydraulic equipment, if not correctly chosen and used hydraulic oil, it can’t give full play to the efficiency of tools, may even lead to serious accidents, equipment damage or shorten the tools to utilize life. Can dependable hydraulic system, efficient and economic work, to a certain extent, rely upon the performance of hydraulic oil. Subsequently, the hydraulic oil has the following necessities:

1. crude oil refining ppt Have the precise viscosity, viscosity-temperature performance and higher 7 Y / b! A / F-o6 w3 () l + _: k9 c6 f

Hydraulic oil viscosity is an important performance index, select the hydraulic oil, which is one of the elements to be considered first. Choice of viscosity is determined by the kind of pump, work pressure, use of environmental and environmental temperature, in addition to relying on the requirements of other hydraulic components. Too high or too low viscosity will adversely scale back the overall efficiency of the machine, the management efficiency degradation, the work is just not flexible enough. % I: X # ^: P8 Y i / B5 / I #), v
Long hydraulic equipment to work in a damp surroundings can be drops of water combined with hydraulic oil tank, the water into the tank by pump, motor oil and other hydraulic components of the violent agitation, the simple unfold of hydraulic oil to form emulsion, will accelerate the deterioration of hydraulic oil to generate sediment, impeding heat switch cooler, plug filters, pipes, valves and different hydraulic elements of the pores, and reduce the hydraulic oil lubrication. Subsequently, hydraulic tools, hydraulic oil required good anti-emulsification properties, the hydraulic oil and water can shortly leave to make the water sink to the tank backside, and then periodically discharged, to avoid the formation of a stable emulsion.

2. Growth of hydraulic oil s, B T1 (+’: f; _
Unusual hydraulic oil is used because the depth of refining lubricant base oil fraction, plus there are antioxidant preservatives, rust inhibitors, rust inhibitors and anti-foam agents, as well as so as to add a small quantity of anti-put on agent, and a few also add a pour level depressant. Ordinary hydraulic oil is roughly equivalent to foreign anti-rust antioxidant sort (R O / F1 F0 n (x, P (X8 k

2. Antiwear hydraulic oil eight z2 m1 [% V-u “[
Antiwear hydraulic oil will be divided right into a gray-type (ZDDP type) and non-grey two kinds. A grey-type anti-put on hydraulic oil with superb abrasion resistance, the usage of vane pumps can meet the requirements. Ash-free anti-put on hydraulic oil within the hydrolytic stability, breaking resistance, the availability of oil filter and heat, oxidation stability is best than zinc antiwear hydraulic oil. The performance normal is equal to DenisonHF-O. – G2 A2 i4 v: R / V3 j D

three. Low temperature hydraulic oil O8 F. C b * W At low temperature (-15 under) or the ambient temperature varies drastically, hydraulic tools within the out of doors work to make use of a low freezing level, excessive viscosity index hydraulic oil, due to this fact, should use low-temperature hydraulic oil . In contrast with the anti-wear hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil is characterized by low-temperature freezing point decrease; cold flow higher; viscosity index is excessive (typically above 130); low temperature stability. The principle disadvantage is the put on resistance as anti-put on hydraulic oil; shear is poor, when the hydraulic tools load is large, it’s topic to sturdy put up-shear viscosity decreased quickly, affecting the normal operation of equipment.

Four. Clean hydraulic oil Hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic servo valve want to use clear hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil on the top quality requirements, especially the oil in the stable particles cannot exceed a sure vary. Strong particles on the hydraulic system of the harm is serious, it makes hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and other precision components premature put on and a big space of incapacity, the hydraulic system can’t function properly. 4 o0 x x%) 5 t7 J7 X1 S / h) s

5. Fireplace resistant hydraulic oil – 5 h $ ^ 9 x, ‘, _5 p6 okay
Flame-resistant hydraulic oil primarily used in metallurgy, mining, energy plants, machine processing trade near or near fireplace and heat within the hydraulic system. Divided into water-based mostly hydraulic oil (oil in water sort, water-oil, water glycol kind 1), phosphoric acid vinegar-based mostly and other synthetic three, respectively, for different pressure range and temperature range of hydraulic system. Creator Box gaga has 1 articles on-line

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