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Do We’d like Extra Oil Refineries

How much does it cost to build an oil refinery and the way lengthy does it take to construct one
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Uganda Seeks Investor to build $2.5 Billion Oil Refinery – Oct – 2013
I have developed Feasibility Research for Oil Refineries in numerous international locations from Center East to Europe, Asia and Africa

Based mostly on my 15 years of Experience on cost Estimation,
The technology guidelines the value

but there are different essential facctors you possibly can consider:
The content and analysis of the feed inventory
The process Know-how and what kind of chemical course crude oil prices latest of you’re using
The standard of merchandise and output you want from Refinery
Refinery complexity and which merchandise you wish to extract from Feed Stock
The Financing Structure that will likely be used for financing the project
The project contractor and challenge delivery time to enter into operation
Project Danger Components reminiscent of Political Risks and Nation Corruption Rating
The undertaking scale, whether it is small the Investment unit value may be very high.

For instance in a lot of the tasks I labored because of corruption inside governments they wasted more than three years simply arranging their commission with the traders and in that point interval all of the costs modified, together with Crude Oil price, Gasoline Price, Construction costs, Currency costs and so on …

20 years in the past Commonplace price estimation for regular Refinery was US $25,000 per barrel capability
However throughout last years many things modified, for example for building of SHELL Pearl GTL Plant in Qatar the final cost was more than US $93,000 / Barrel per day.

And a few crude oil prices latest Biofuel or Inexperienced Refineries costs even more …
There are some low high quality Refineries constructed with decrease than US $10,000 per barrel capacity per day.

however while you construct refinery with out advanced expertise, you bring indirect prices to the economy akin to environmental pollution that reflects in your mission resembling tax or high quality or other indirect bills.

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