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Michigan Refining Division

Hydrorefining Process Equipment

Historical past: Built in 1930, by the Aurora Gasoline Firm; crude oil price data excel bought in 1959 by The Ohio Oil Co. (now Marathon Petroleum) from the late philanthropist Max Fisher; the only refinery in the state of Michigan today; in 2012, completed the Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project (DHOUP), increasing the refinery’s crude oil capacity by 14,000 barrels per calendar day (bpcd) and its heavy crude oil processing capability by 80,000 bpcd
Refining Capability: 123,000 barrels per calendar day
Crude Oil Supply: Candy and bitter crude oils together with Canadian crude oils
Operations: Crude distillation, catalytic cracking, hydrotreating, reforming, alkylation, sulfur recovery, and coking
Products: Gasoline, distillates, asphalt, gasoline-grade coke, chemical-grade propylene, propane, slurry and sulfur
Product Distribution: Pipeline, transport truck, rail and barge
Employment: Roughly 500 employees and 275 contract staff
Present Tasks:
Oakwood Heights Property Buy Program – MPC has purchased many of the residential properties in a neighborhood adjacent to the refinery and is dedicated to preserving the realm as a green area. Go to for crude oil price data excel details.

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