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JPRC Signal $1.6 Billion Settlement With Honeywell UOP To extend Jordan Refinery Capability

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Honeywell UOP announced that it has signed $1.6 billion agreement with JPRC (Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company) for growth of its refinery in Zarqa (Jordon), to extend the capability of the ability to 120,000 barrels per day to upgrade the quality of its product meet Euro V emissions specifications.

Honeywell UOP will present managing licensor services, expertise licensing, front-finish engineering design consultancy services, and basic engineering design. It additionally will provide catalysts and course of tools, and training and begin-up providers.

Technologies supplied by Honeywell UOP will embody crude and vacuum distillation models — designed by Houston-based mostly Course of Consulting Services, Inc. — for distilling crude oil into varied fractions. Honeywell UOP also will present Unicracking and hydrotreating units to create clean distillate, as well as CCR Platforming, Penex, MinAlk, Merox and Selectfining items for producing cleaner-burning high-octane motor fuels, and a Polybed PSA unit for purifying hydrogen.

JPRC CEO, Abdul Karim Alaween mentioned that the growth of the Zarqa refinery is a very important undertaking as a result of, along with bettering the quality of merchandise, it is going to develop its capacity to a hundred and twenty,000 barrels per day. It’s going to assist them meet the rising demand for fuel, which is rising at a median of three percent every year.

Honeywell UOP President crude oil charts historical and CEO, Rebecca Liebert mentioned that Honeywell has labored with JPRC since it was established in 1956, crude oil charts historical starting with design companies and know-how licensing and the following building of its first crude oil charts historical refinery. They are particularly grateful to be concerned in the growth of the Zarqa refinery, which will improve its quantity and upgrade the standard of its petroleum merchandise and help the additional financial growth of Jordan.

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