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Burning Houston Chemical Plant Highlights Trump-Pruitt Refusal To enhance Chemical Security

However the Obama crude oil barrel chart rule did provide some widespread sense safety reforms. One can’t say now, without extra data, that these reforms, as soon as carried out, would have prevented today’s Arkema Petroleum Reaction Vessel Series explosion. But the rule blocked by Pruitt would require plants like Arkema’s to engage in more coordination with native first responders to plan for incidents and make it simpler for community members to learn about plant dangers. The rule additionally would require such plants to evaluate whether they want larger safety improvements and emergency preparedness, similar to storing fewer chemicals, enhancing storage security, and strengthening backup power so electricity can be maintained in a storm. And the rule would have required, for three industries with essentially the most serious accident data ― refineries, paper mills, and chemical manufacturers ― to investigate whether or not it was feasible to move to safer applied sciences and materials.

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