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Don’t Blame OPEC

This month, we have seen oil attain as high as $135 per barrel. Right now, there seems to be no end. Is it the fault of OPEC Nope, not in any respect. Learn this text to understand why.

Okay, its my turn to vent and rant about what occurring in our economic system. Earlier this month, I posted a brand new obtain for everybody to take a read to titled “The Worldwide Effects of the United States Oil Crisis”. Now yes, this essay contained a strong opinionated view on the path of the crude oil inflation and out government, and i wanted to touch on this topic a bit extra.

This month, weve seen oil reach as high as $126 per barrel as of Might 12, 2008 (and repeatedly rising). And actually, I dont see it stopping. Why is it continuously rising Is it the fault of OPEC Nope, not at all. Lets check out some facts.

The demand for oil is steadily increasing.
Oil is becoming tougher to search out – I work for Schlumberger and whereas I don’t need to put out a lot of the enterprise that goes on round right here, there are heavy talks for the constant search for new oil.

U.S. Dollar is steadily deflating – In the event you assume all of these interest cuts is helping us, in actuality its not.

Inflation is rising – Talking of inflation, when it happens, the final level of costs will increase, this contains oil & pure gas.
So who is at at fault Mr. David Gross of Newsweek quoted OPEC president Chakib Khelil in his article “Mismanagement 101”:

“…the crudes remarkable run had nothing to do with the reluctance of Persian Gulf nations to pump oil, and all the pieces to do with the ‘mismanagement of the U.S. Economy.”

Heres the factor. With regards to being an investor, I really like when the Federal Reserve minimize interest rates. Stocks go up, investors are comfortable and buy, loans go down, and a lot of people generate profits. I, too, have benefited from some fairly nice beneficial properties attributable to charges being consistently constellation new energy houston tx deducted. However theres so way more to the lowering of curiosity charges rather than for some quick positive factors and cheaper loans. In spite of everything, where ever theres a good, someplace theres a foul.

What are the results of lowered curiosity rates That leads me to my economist side of thinking. Decreasing of interest rates is like putting a BandAid on a gunshot wound. Certain investors get some fast gains. Sure, loans are cheaper. However all of this also means more cash to the money provide. Sounds good Its not. Take a look at “Money As Debt”, this documentary goes deep into the strategy of how extra money is created out of skinny air each single time we take out a mortgage. As more money floods the market, USD is decreased and worth degree rises. In other phrases, a deflating greenback and steady inflation. With such occurrences, what else can we expect to occur after we visit the gas station and see $four per gallon

Yes, demand plays a big half in the value stage of crude oil and pure fuel, however inflation is the principle entrance runner of the success of oil stocks recently. You may even consider as to why oil is rising, but gold is falling.

Heres something else that I feel strongly about. While we’re experiencing powerful instances, a bear constellation new energy houston tx market, and all of those different struggles attributable to inflation (and deflation in some issues), I feel that this is going to last much more long-term than some wish to think. Lets hypothetically imagine everybody bowing on their knees and praising Ben Bernanke & George Bush for his or her outstanding efforts on rebuilding the financial system thanks to seriously deflation of interest charges. Well, do you think those charges are going to stay that manner ceaselessly Sooner or later, I dont know when but I will guess and say when all the pieces looks to be subsiding, interest charges will rise again. It is not going to stay at 2% eternally. And as the Feds begin to rise from 2% to 2.25% to 2.5% and on and on, traders won’t be comfortable. Companies will not be comfortable. Banks won’t be glad. And in turn, the people won’t be comfortable. Investors will take out cash from the market causing stocks and businesses will suffer from this withdrawal. Banks won’t be capable to revenue as a lot causing greater loans which will have an effect on the folks wanting to buy homes, automobiles, and different investments. I really feel once this bear market is over, nicely have a nice brief bull market, after which another bear market will follow. And i really feel it might occur once Bernankes time period ends and another unlucky soul has to take his place and attempts to appropriate the wrong that is being performed.

Back within the 1930s, Theodore Roosevelt felt it was finest to contain the federal government in the management of our economy and with a series of applications he efficiently brought the American individuals out of the great Depression.

Recently, it seems as if the federal government is slowly edging us again to the identical place we have been in back in the 1930s. Now Im not a conspiracy theorist and saying the world is coming to an end, but right here is one proven fact that I do know and everyone can relate to. Before the stimulus package was proposed and when the Federal Reserve was decreasing interest charges in an try to assist the American individuals and businesses. President Bush, in a press conference, apparently had completely no thought on the state of our financial system in relation to the oil commodity. I dont learn about you, but Im glad his time period is about to end, as a result of I don’t desire a President running a rustic who is totally clueless on the state of an economy he’s supposedly involved in.

In order that begs the question. Should the government restrict its involvement within the administration of our financial system Or ought to it expand their involvement Actually, Im tied between the two. I really feel they should develop and acquire more management of the Federal Reserve. As Ive stated as an investor, I just like the chopping of curiosity rates because of the features, but as an economist I despise it because of the consequences that come with it. And I’d moderately deter the consequences over gaining an extra few bucks. I know the federal government cant interfere with the business of the Federal Reserve, however something must be finished because it’s the American individuals which might be suffering such affects. At the same time, I really feel that the federal government ought to limit its involvement, as a result of truthfully, I dont know what extra might be accomplished. When the government first obtained concerned back within the thirties, they opened up more governmental jobs, created welfare, and did all they could to help the folks and in turn help the financial system. That is what this stimulus package is purported to do. What new applications might be made What new routes might be taken

Okay, I had quite a bit to get off of my chest on that. I re-read my essay, then I read David Grosss article and it simply brought up a number of questions and opinions in my head. Now please remember, these are my own opinions and insights. If it happens, then I want for everyone to deal with me as every different economist on the market that make apparent predications but are nonetheless one way or the other praised by the media. If it doesnt happen, then one of the best I can say is no less than I provided some details to support my opinion. Thats greater than I can say for a few of these individuals making their assumptions.

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