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Greasy Burgers May Save America

This text may have been referred to as “Drive Through Fast Meals Lane,” or “Grab Lunch and Fill ‘er Up at the Drive By.” I favored all three. The actual fact is, there is a huge, as but untapped resource on the market that would coal gasification gas drastically reduce emissions, and slash dependence on oil. This fuel supply will be discovered everywhere in the nation at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and plenty of other quick meals chains. Oh yeah, it coal gasification gas burns clean, and is more environment friendly that fossil gasoline. Clear and green, it’s a no brainer, Folks.

Excessive fuel costs mean high prices for every thing from milk to socks. The explanation, of course, is to get milk, food, TV’s, and yes, socks to the store shelves they must be transported by truck. Ask any truck driver and he’ll let you know, it’s costing them a fortune to gas up their rigs. Gasoline prices are dangerous sufficient at over $four.00 per gallon. The diesel fuel most trucks run on is even worse at about $5.00 per gallon.

The major freight carriers, UPS, FedEx, and DHL have all including fuel surcharges to their delivery charges. These surcharges in addition to their regular charges are only going to go up as fuel prices proceed to climb. Which means anything you order online will price you more to ship, or will simply price extra as the seller buries freight prices in product pricing.

So, if you’ve observed costs on nearly every thing going up, excessive gas prices are the main cause. What’s the answer I’ve written about constructing a bridge to vitality independence, and one of the lanes on that bridge just may be bio diesel from quick meals waste.

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Many individuals have discovered that used fats and vegetable oil from quick meals joints may be converted into bio diesel gas. Who would’ve thunk it Something that was thought-about waste a number of years in the past is fatty, greasy, gold as we speak.

The issue is, like all different different gas sources, not sufficient investment is being made into this supply of gasoline. Imagine how much greasy waste the thousands of quick meals eating places across America generate per day, per thirty days, per 12 months The foremost fast meals chains couldn’t solely help resolve a fuel disaster, but they might make a heck of some huge cash doing it. It’s a win/win.

It’s already been proven to work. A good friend of mine drives a diesel Volkswagen, and he has been shopping for grease from a Chinese language restaurant in his city for a year. He converts the grease into bio diesel in his storage. As a salesman who drives throughout New England, the financial savings in fuel costs for him are big. To the tune of about $4,000 per 12 months at current diesel costs.

Many small restaurants that used to pay waste firms to remove their excess grease are now being paid prime dollar for their fatty gas. There are firms popping up all over specializing in converting this greasy waste into bio diesel. This has the potential to grow to be a giant business.

Most vehicles in America run on regular gasoline, not diesel gasoline. Nonetheless, most trucks that transport meals and items to retailer shelves do run on diesel gasoline. The costlier it is to gas these trucks, the more the products they transport value as a result of trucking companies need to charge extra in freight fees. Is smart, proper So, If we may lower the gas costs for trucking corporations the costs of the merchandise they carry would go down as effectively.

Why then, don’t all of the quick food chains get into the bio diesel enterprise The profits can be monumental even if they charged $10.00 per barrel as a result of they create the waste already. All they might must do is haul it to a grease refinery to show it into bio diesel gasoline. They could even be in a position to reduce costs on their meals merchandise due to the massive profits they would make. Not solely that, however consider all of the jobs that can be created by main grease refineries.

Imagine McDonald’s Power, or Wendy’s Power, or Burger King Bio Fuel changing into big gamers in the energy industry. In the event that they know what they’re doing, within the next decade it could come to fruition. It might sound strange as we speak, but it takes maverick considering to make change occur. Microsoft acquired the rights to the pc mouse for nothing as a result of the company that invented it, IBM, didn’t assume it was of any value. Do you suppose the mouse has changed the world You wager. Bio fuel from fast food waste might do the same for American energy.

In truth, there is a restaurant chain in my neck of the woods in New England that’s already doing it. Friendly’s Ice Cream might function a mannequin for the most important nationwide fast food chains. They’ve begun turning their used vegetable oil into bio diesel for their own fleet of trucks and as an additive to heating oil at their corporate headquarters. With the help of native universities they constructed their very own lab from coal gasification gas scratch. There was no manual or model to build from. They mainly created it from the bottom up. That’s innovation, Child. That’s waving bye bye to excessive oil costs. That’s maverick pondering.

According to Jim Dangleis, director of Northeast Distribution, the benefit to the company is 2-fold. They have significantly diminished gas costs at a time when diesel costs have skyrocketed. They have additionally made their business more inexperienced, and that’s something that clients really get behind. It’s simply good for business to be environmentally friendly as of late. It’s a huge selling point that only a few years ago nobody would have ever thought attainable.

McDonald’s is doing it in Nice Britain already, so they may already have a leg up on bio diesel manufacturing. The other major chains should get on the band wagon. Quick meals corporations tale fixed criticism for selling foods that are unhealthy. They may all severely improve their picture by going inexperienced.

This is the form of thinking and innovation that may rework America and electric heating jacket reaction kettle the world. So, what are we ready for

Ted Hebert is a author and Maverick Thinker who works with business of all sizes to develop their business. Contact Ted at ted@atunga.com or go to www.Atunga.com.

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