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The Economics Of All Pure Fertilizer Programs

As someone who produces all pure fertilizers, I’m perplexed that “organic” meals all the time costs twice what “non-natural” food prices. Organic meals producers (and shoppers) justify this surcharge as a needed value to acquire the well being advantages of natural meals. As a believer within the natural process of producing food, I find it unacceptable that the ninety% of People who need to look at their grocery budgets are lower out of the natural food chain. As a business man, I see nothing however opportunity. As a part of the natural food chain, I understand how foods grown in keeping with nature’s course of should truly be one half the price of non-organic foods.

The fantastic truth is that nature is, and coal and petroleum of class 8th 50 has always been, more environment friendly than man’s artificial substitutes. Nature’s wholesome residing soil is made to grow plants, especially meals plants. An understanding of agricultural economics demonstrates that growing food crops needs to be (and is) a worthwhile enterprise – when using nature’s system.

That is the the stream of money in the present non-animal industrial/industrial agricultural complicated:
1. Begin with the preliminary buy of massive tracts of land for commercial farming operations.

2. Add recurring annual large bills:
Seed Company developers
Seed Firm Distributors
Fertilizer Manufacturers
Fertilizer Distributors
Farm Equipment Manufacturers
Farm Equipment Distributors
Petroleum Refiners
Petroleum Distributors

2. Add the gear and services required to maintain a business enterprise:
Food Product Manufacturers
Transportation Corporations
Gasoline, Diesel, LP, Kerosene Sellers
Food packaging manufacturers

3. Add the extra governmental prices to do massive business:
Federal Taxes

Gasoline Tax
Diesel Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Social Safety Tax
Federal Medicare Tax
Federal Companies

Fed Govt Agency Costs
State Agency Costs

Dept. of Weights & Measures
Local Health Depts
State OSHA
State EPA
4. Add then the purpose of purchases companies:

Retail Meals Outlets
Fertilizer Retail Shops
5. The top of the food chain: the groceries you purchases for your family – this week.

Before you purchase your food from within the traditional food supply chain, all of these people and businesses need to be paid. The entire gear and provides should be paid for. The price of all the additional buildings and every expense related to operating a business have to be coated in the ultimate price of the product sold to the top consumer. In any case their expenses, each enterprise has to generate some kind of revenue or the business fails. As the final word shopper of their food merchandise, YOU pay all these prices and profits.

Now let’s take a fast look on the all natural food supply chain:
1. Beginning costs.

Your small plot of land
All Pure Fertilizer Manufacturers
Your small scale planting, fertilizing, and harvesting equipment
Your Seeds

2. You.
Three. Food…
Your loved ones’S Food
YOUR Pal’S Food
YOUR coal and petroleum of class 8th 50 NEIGHBOR’S Meals
YOUR Community’S Meals


    You already own the land you might be planting on – you do not need further.
    All Pure Fertilizer improves the quality of soil every year – with declining fertilizer wants yearly.
    You solely buy precisely what gear you need, depending on the scale and extent of crop harvest – effectivity.
    With the purchase of heirloom seeds and a modicum of talent, you produce your individual seeds year after