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South Africa’s Petrocam Trying To build Refinery In Nigeria

The list of Worldwide firms china petroleum machinery association limited 2015 wishing to build refineries in Nigeria has increased with the latest interest coming from Petrocam, a South African-based mostly oil agency, The Nation reviews.

electric heating jacket reaction kettleThe corporate, which is understood for crude oil trading in Africa and past, mentioned its decision was borne out of the necessity to discover alternatives in crude oil processing in Nigeria. The Chief Govt Officer, Petrocam Buying and selling Nigeria Restricted, a partner to Petrocam South Africa, Mr. Patrick Ilo mentioned his agency would like to improve the production and provide of fuel within the nation by building a refinery.

In response to him, Petrocam would take a look at the guidelines for building refineries, and afterwards go forward to arrange a refinery immediately it’s satisfied with the rules. On competition, Ilo stated his firm would stave off competition from different companies which are china petroleum machinery association limited 2015 investing in refineries if it sets up a refinery. He mentioned the extra investors in refineries, the higher for the downstream phase of the business.

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