oil and gas production worldwide, central petroleum equipmentmpany registry,New technology and better design of refinery equipment are also being developed in order to produce,

Mini Small Scale Oil Refinery Plant

Mini Small Scale Oil Refinery Plant.
Ceramic pall ring500kg per day

The used lube oil during its service life, picks up, dust, water, metals, carbon, depleted spent additives from the unique composition of new lubricant. Yangjiang Mini Small Scale Oil Refinery Plant designs and builds tools which recovers useable, clean lubricating oils from dirty, used crankcase oils, hydraulic oils, mist oils, and other contaminated oils via evaporation. central petroleum equipmentmpany registry These programs, that are constructed from a mix central petroleum equipmentmpany registry of various steels, are then central petroleum equipmentmpany registry delivered to your destination in full knock down situation, and are completely assembled.

As a money saving alternative these same programs might be accommodated in any existing system or available Old technology with our Customer, on completion of hassle shooting and analysis of the Old equipments and machinery, and even could also be constructed from Shearing machine recycled components. Every component is inspected and remanufactured as needed, or custom fabricated to fulfill your unique challenge and specification.

Mini Small Scale Oil Refinery Plant(500kg-50tons per day)
No clay are used
Complete removing of heavy metals, ash, heavy carbon and oxidized coke products.
Distillation under managed situations I.e. high vacuum and low temperatures thus preventing oxidation and additional degradation of oil. Yields high quality base stocks.