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OPEC Crude Oil Manufacturing

OPEC Crude Oil Production is at a present stage of 35.46M, up from 35.42M last month and up from 35.27M one year in the past. Coal Carbonization Equipment This is a change of zero.11% from final month and zero.Fifty three% from one year in the past.

OPEC Crude Oil Manufacturing Chart
OPEC Crude Oil Production Historic Data

OPEC Crude Oil Manufacturing News
– Bloomberg
Brent Oil Nears $60 as Saudi Prince Backs Longer OPEC Cuts

10/26 16:Eleven
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Oil Costs Waver Forward of November OPEC assembly

10/26 12:01
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Saudi crown prince backs extending OPEC oil-production cuts

10/26 08:22
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COLUMN-OPEC’s choices for extending manufacturing pact: Kemp

10/26 08:05
– Reuters
Brent oil hits 27-month high on Saudi speak of extending supply cuts

10/26 04:58
Russia To boost Oil Production In 2018 If OPEC Deal Not Prolonged

10/25 13:01
OPEC Aims For Smooth Exit From Production Lower Deal |

10/24 19:04
OPEC’s Latest Member Seems to be To lift Oil Manufacturing

10/24 thirteen:00
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Rebound for US california crude oil prices shale oil hasn’t peaked but — why OPEC should be cautious

10/21 07:41
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OPEC’s Crude Oil Production: Time to Short Crude Oil Futures

10/02 11:Eleven

– Bloomberg
Iraq Says Turkey Backs Baghdad in Feud Over Kurd Oil Exports

09/28 09:10
Summer season best time to back out of OPEC deal, Russia says

09/28 09:08
– Reuters
Aramco listing reshapes Saudi Arabia’s OPEC oil policy

09/28 07:25
california crude oil prices Libya Is Preparing To california crude oil prices Ramp Up Oil Production

09/28 03:Fifty six
– Bloomberg
Libya Faces Renewed Calls to hitch OPEC Reduce

09/28 02:14
OPEC Crude Oil Manufacturing Abstract

Last Value: 35.46M
Latest Interval: Sep 2017
Up to date: Dec 22, 2017, 14:03 EST
Next Launch: Jan 26, 2018, 14:00 EST
Frequency: Monthly
Unit: Barrels per Day
Adjustment: N/A
Value Beforehand: 35.42M
Change From Earlier: Zero.11%
Worth One Yr Ago: 35.27M
Change From One 12 months In the past: 0.Fifty three%
First Interval: Jan 1973
First Value: 29.01M

I:OPECCOP Excel Add-In Codes
Indicator Code: I:OPECCOP
Indicator Name: =YCI(“I:OPECCOP”,”name”)
Newest Value: =YCP(“I:OPECCOP”)
Final 5 Values: =YCS(“I:OPECCOP”,-4)